Featured Artist Linnea Heide

Artsy Shark presents the portfolio of abstract artist Linnea Heide. See more of her expressive work by visiting her website.



I’ve been an artist / designer / visual communicator in some capacity all my life. I hold a BFA in Fine Art + Graphic Design and MFA in Visual Communications.



From 1996-2006, I was a ‘MADwoMAN’ working as an art director in a few advertising agencies, until I finally decided to fly from the corporate cookoo’s nest and began freelancing and creating from my home studio. Ever since, my life has been divinely blissful + creatively satisfying.



I’d like to think that my happiness and sense of peace is evident in my work. Within every painting there is a silent prayer.



My original, resonant abstract paintings are intended to stir the soul and are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.



I focus on elements of color, texture and light by using a good deal of metallic acrylic paint with a heavy impasto technique which creates light-capturing+reflecting effects and a muti-dimensional experience. I paint what I feel and I paint what I feel is missing in the world.




  1. Thanks for featuring Linnea’s work. I found it quite lovely and gratifying to look at, and enjoyed seeing her very nicely put together website and Facebook page as well.

  2. I am enjoying your colorful journey with paint. Opportunities will appear, and with your business background you will know how to proceed. The best of a happy painting life to you.

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