Featured Artist Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz devotes his time to painting the art of the high heel. Enjoy his charming work and visit his website for more from this talented artist.



Although I now focus my work on creating paintings of shoes, I actually started out in business as a shoe designer. I was fortunate enough to be hired as an assistant to the famed designer Roger Vivier, who is known for single-handedly bringing the stiletto heel onto the fashion scene.  Subsequently I designed for Hermes, Christian LaCroix and other high-end American and European fashion houses.



Artists who have influenced my work greatly were Jackson Pollock, Basquiat and Andy Warhol, who mentored me at times and told me that he approved of my painting shoes as a body of work. I was very grateful to have known Warhol.  His pop art sensibility and great sense of fun encouraged me to find my niche, working in watercolor and ink.



My portfolio is homage to the art of the high heel. Whether they are sandals, stilettos, court and platform shoes, wedges or boots in every color, shape and silhouette, I have always been fascinated by beautiful high-heeled shoes. I love the shape, the movement, and the mood that they create entirely on their own. They scream sex and yet they can also be whimsical.



Over the years, I have collaborated as an artist with shoe manufacturers, including Nine West. I’ve created art for window displays for their Fifth Avenue store, and worked with them to create a fun video which shows my painting techniques.


Recently I entered into a licensing agreement to have my designs used on products such as clothing, scarves, dinnerware, and even furniture. This is an exciting entry into new marketplaces, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished products!



I often produce commissioned paintings in different sizes and color combinations that work with client’s homes or offices. Although I regularly paint originals and now offer prints of my work on my website, it is a pleasure and a privilege to create custom work for collectors.



There are many high-heeled shoe lovers in the world, both women and men. One of my collectors owns two dozen of my original paintings because she simply adores shoes. Others want to place my art in their walk-in closets. Some of my paintings are quite large, and make a statement for a living room, bedroom or even an office environment. They truly are conversation pieces.


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  1. My favorite yell in a government office, to empty it, is: SHOE SALE!

    — Does it work?
    — No, but it gets attention : )

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