Featured Artist Sonelle Goddard

South African artist Sonelle Goddard creates abstract work exploding with color. Enjoy her work and visit her website for more about this emerging artist.


Taking Flight by Sonelle Goddard


I’m a practicing artist who majored in Stone and Wood carving in 2003, PE Technikon (currently NMMU), South Africa. Since graduating I’ve been travelling through the US, UK, Asia, Europe and Africa; and turned my focus to drawing and painting.


Mixed Media abstract painting


Throughout my travels I’ve been participating in group & solo exhibitions, projects, competitions and private commissions. 


Flow abstract painting


I hold the confrontation with different cultures, habits, traditions and complexities of language as a major influence on my art. Some of the biggest challenges I face are the changes one has to make as an individual to live and be part of a culture other than your own.



These changes engulf every aspect of my life from basic habits and traditions through to language where I experience great frustration in expressing myself. 


Organic Breath


Not only does my art deal with these personal and cultural challenges, but it also touches on unique and beautiful areas that are sure to leave a permanent imprint. 


Nude figure abstract


Since my work is an emotional response to my experiences, I use vibrant colours and apply my paint vigorously to create a sense of energy and capture emotion and sometimes I add various suggested forms using pen and ink.


Ideation, an abstract painting

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