Featured Artist Sam Kirk

Sam Kirk uses her skills as an artist to express her viewpoints on neighborhood and culture. See more from this fascinating artist by visiting her website.


"Colored Hands" by Sam Kirk


What are my goals? 

– To engage people and strike a conversation with my art

– To create an experience that leaves an impact

– To prove art can be successful in: living & helping

– To break the traditional standards and successfully build a career that allows me to use all of my skills


painting on dice


What am I working on now? 


I am currently completing an artist residency at the Poet’s Den Gallery & Theater in New York’s East Harlem neighborhood. I will be working on:

– Growing Up Gonzales Play (set design & build-out, website development, logo design) – Launches October 18th

– Poetica de Colores Solo Exhibition – September 28th


painting of an urban baby



Wrapping up the build out for The Art of Chicken restaurant, which not only features my work as a designer, but also my fine art skills. I have completed the logo, mural designs, and entire design for the space.


Chicken mural



Chicago October and November Solo Exhibits at The Elephant Room Gallery

October 5th: Product of My Environment:

Living in Chicago her entire life has given Sam the perspective only a native can have. She’s seen neighborhoods shift, cultures change and communities mutate over time. These transitions have had a profound impact on the artist and her work. Product of my Environment is Kirk’s homage to this type of impact. In this exhibition, she explores the narratives of the various neighborhoods that have had a lasting impression on her. The work addresses not only the places and spaces in these communities, but the characters that have been and continue to be shaped and molded by their immediate environment.




November 2nd: Ojero: Character of Culture

An interpretation of Mal de Ojo meets Dis de Los Muertos, a playful villian is formed. The Ojero plays his game of Ojo, giving tricks instead of treats. This series is a celebration and expression of the playful side of the superstition and the playfulness always present in Mexican culture.

“I grew up exploring and learning about my ethnic cultures through friends and other relationships. In this series, I explored merging what I learned together to create a visual interpretation of this journey.”


Latina style


What inspires me? 

Culture and the People and Communities that create it. I am fascinated with man-made culture and love to study the progress of culture within neighborhoods and the people that create it. The personalities of people tend to reel me in. I can’t help but study them, to get a better understanding of who they are, what makes them tick, what are their talents. When a person captures me, I can’t help but recreate them as I think they might be in a world of my own.

With communities, I tend to study the dynamic and I am generally drawn to working class neighborhoods that have dozens of layers to peel back before you can actually find the surface or core of where the culture the neighborhood embodies originated from.


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