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Artist Patti Gay and her son Noah collaborate on an appealing collection of whimsical art. See more by visiting Two Can Art.


Two Can Art Bird


I am an illustrator that has been working for the publishing and licensing markets for a while. I have also art directed for cards and gift bags. The Two Can Art is a collection brand that is a collaboration between myself, Patti Gay and my son, Noah.


Noah and Patti Gay

Noah and Patti Gay


This collection is made up totally from the textures that Noah paints. I have always thought the textures were really beautiful. He makes them using brushes, sponges, hands and even bubbles. I take those paintings and scan them into the computer, then I do a sketch of what image I would like to create and scan that in too. Using my sketch as reference, I piece together the textures to create an image.


Two Can Art Turtle


It’s interesting to see the difference between this work and the work I do individually. The textures create something entirely different. It’s also intriguing to me to see how his textures are influencing my other work as well. I think the process has evolved me as an artist. I can see it in both this collection as well as my other work.


Two Can Art Chickadee


My goal is to continue to create new images using his painted textures as he continues to paint them. We are also starting to make paper together, so I hope to add that as an element.


Big Guitar Rock on Blue - Two Can Art


I have also written a picture book that will have illustrations from Two Can Art that my book agent The Herman Agency  is shopping around. My licensing agent, JMS Art Licensing is also representing the Two Can Art brand.


Two Can Art Cabana 8x10


We have a card and gift bags coming out next year. There is also a print to order site that has giclee print images on museum quality paper.  I’ve also printed art on canvas.


Two Can Art Peacock


All of the proceeds from Two Can Art go into an account that we have set aside for Noah. There are a few images on my website too along with my individual work.


Two Can Art Lionfish


We are also fortunate to live in an area that strongly supports the arts and I have hung prints in local establishments.


Two Can Art Wine


What inspires me with this collection in many ways are the textures themselves and Noah. We all have something beautiful that we can share. I also love that Noah and I are doing something together that we both love. What could be better than that?




  1. Really nice art! Wishing you and Noah a very happy holiday and tons of contracts in 2013!

  2. What a wonderful piece! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Gorgeous work!! Great design, interesting textures. What beauty you create together.

  4. Thank you so much Alex, Paula and Ruth.

  5. Wow, Patti

    This is fabulous!
    I’m so happy for you and Noah.

    God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

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