Featured Artist Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott celebrates the innocence of childhood in her charming portfolio. See more  paintings by visiting her website.


"Dandelion Clocks" by artist Hillary Scott

“Dandelion Clocks” by artist Hillary Scott


The magic of childhood is what inspires much of my artwork. My recent body of work captures moments that bring a sense of nostalgia to the viewer. This series features children in idyllic landscapes and are best described as narrative portrait landscapes. Each painting tells a story that can be interpreted by the viewer.


"The Golden Box" by artist Hillary Scott

“The Golden Box” by artist Hillary Scott


I have always enjoyed painting the human figure. When I was in art school my primary interest was children’s book illustration. Because illustration focuses so heavily on the figure, I found myself struggling through many figure drawing classes. Depicting the human figure accurately has been one of my greatest challenges. It is an ongoing skill that improves with each new painting.


"The Letter" by artist Hillary Scott

“The Letter” by artist Hillary Scott


As much as I love realism I don’t like to get too tied by it. I have been told many times that my portraits have an “illustrative” quality to them. These paintings blend realism with a touch of fantasy. This has been attained by using realistic shading and flesh tones on the figures with a vibrant color palette in the background and dramatic lighting effects.


"Lightning Bugs" by artist Hillary Scott

“Lightning Bugs” by artist Hillary Scott


Because I use children as my models I work from photographs rather than life. I realized early on that my paintings are only as good as the photos I take and use as source material. Great photographs are the first step in my painting process. I use them heavily to paint the figure but the backgrounds are where I get creative. Most of the landscapes are inspired by real places but ultimately don’t exist.


"Dylan" by artist Hillary Scott

“Dylan” by artist Hillary Scott


Each painting takes several months to complete and is a unique journey. Many times the final result is quite different from my initial sketch. I don’t excessively plan out each painting.


"The Secret" by artist Hillary Scott

“The Secret” by artist Hillary Scott


I have the basic concept, good photographs, and a color scheme in mind. Getting the right mood is sometimes difficult and requires trial and error to achieve my vision for the painting.


"Callum" by artist Hillary Scott

“Callum” by artist Hillary Scott


My goal is to continue this series. My ideas for these paintings are infinite and far exceed my time constraints. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself with new subject matter. Inspiration strikes in unlikely places and when it does I feel an immediate sense of urgency to capture it. At that point I get out my camera and begin my next journey.


  1. I am so impressed! You can tell that Hillary cherishes people, their individual spirits and attitudes. Beautiful work! (I love those wrinkles in the child’s feet in Dandelion Clocks.)

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