Featured Artist Donna Bernstein

Donna Bernstein presents her “Urban Equine” collection of dynamic stylized horse images. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.


Sun Stallion

“Sun Stallion” 48 x 36 mixed media acrylics, ink, gold pigments, metallics


“It is not horses that I paint; I paint how they make me feel.”

I have loved and painted horses forever; their elegant form, ability to communicate and express, their architectural anatomy – all conspired to define my art, and infuse it with energy, movement, life. I cannot fully explain my overwhelming energetic connection to them; they run with power through the wind of my soul.


Donna Bernstein

Artist Donna Bernstein in her Studio


My clients comment:  “Your art inspires thought.”
 “Your art draws me in for a much deeper experience; every time I look I see more.”
 “Your art has it all – motion and emotion.”
 “Your art is full of vitality, energy; on the inside moving out.”


Tower of Red Horses

“Tower of Red Horses” 22 x 30 pastel, charcoal on paper


As a child I studied the horse: skeleton, musculature, illnesses and cures. Today I find the purity of his expression and natural power to heal guides me. As companion through the centuries his brute strength has fueled the progress of humanity, but his true horsepower lies in his infinite ability to inspire. Horse-lovers and non still leap from their seats as Thoroughbreds race down the stretch!



“Twilight” 96 x 36 mixed media, acrylics, ink, metallics, diptych


My art incorporates the purely gestural, minimalist and abstract. I find that less not only is more, but that it inherently says more. “It isn’t the amount of paint in your art; it’s the amount of art in your paint.”  I work on the floor, place large canvases about me, and paint athletically between them. I feel this amplifies the feeling of aliveness in the works. Such vitality is an identifying feature of horses, and one to which we all respond.


Tandem II

“Tandem II” 96 x 60 mixed media, oil, pigment sticks


A defining feature of my work is its size. Horses have a big energy, and that is what I paint. My large-scale modern pieces are my “Urban Equines”, rendered in clearly contemporary style.

Particularly satisfying for me is that I paint live at events and fundraisers, using my art to support causes I believe in.



“Atmosphere” 48 x 36 mixed media acrylics, inks


I draw, I sculpt, I paint. I construct with resins, mixed mediums, and illustrative tools. I expand my brand by licensing and am currently in the design phase of a home décor line, Donna B at Home.


Two Horses, Esther and Tank

“Two Horses, Esther and Tank” 90 x 48 mixed media, acrylic, ink, metallics, triptych


The magnificent interplay of vulnerability and strength inspires me in animals and it inspires me in people. My personal values are exemplified by the horse, and written in my work. I create to express who I am and what I believe. The evocative horse is a most willing and pleasing co-creator of my art and my message.


Looking Back

“Looking Back” 30 x 22 mixed media acrylic, ink on paper


Donna Berstein invites you to connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



  1. Gorgeous gestural work.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful work~

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