Featured Artist Tricia Skoglund

Tricia Skoglund presents her fascinating portfolio of art created with recycled metal. See more of this talented artist’s work by visiting her website.


Looking Within

“Looking Within” acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media 15″ x 50″ ea x 3


For me it has always been about the joy that comes from being creative and the fun that the artistic process has always provided for me. I love it when I can get in the zone and let the creative process bring my work to life.


"Circles To the Rustic Realm", acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media 36" x 48"

“Circles To the Rustic Realm” acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media 36″ x 48″


I have always considered myself a multifaceted artist and have been very fortunate and found great joy in exploring a multitude of different mediums in a host of different art forms.


Reflections of Downtown

“Reflections Of Downtown” acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media 30″ x 48″


I work now exclusively with recycled metals. I like the way that painting on metals adds a creative and unique element to my art, one that you can not find with canvas or wood. I find my metals at scrap yards, recycling yards and surplus suppliers.


City Scape

“City Scape” acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media 24″ x 40″


The creative process begins when I torch-cut steel into the shapes that I want and then mount them on custom built frames. I really like the look that the large bolts, washers and unique pieces of metal add to my work.


Tricia Skoglund

Tricia Skoglund torch-cutting steel in her work shop


My painting process is simply layer upon layer of acrylics until I feel I have achieved the look and texture I am looking for. Bringing together all of these different and diverse elements, I like to think I am making each of my paintings a true one-of-a-kind, three dimensional work of art.


Orange Reflections

“Orange Reflections” acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media, 15″ x 40″


The unrefined rustic detail that I see in nature gives me inspiration.  Objects that have been left outside to rust captivate me and I feel compelled to give them a new life.


The Red Sea

“The Red Sea” acrylics on steel / mixed media, on wood frame 24″ x 48″


I am also inspired by the Sea, the movement of the water and how it reflects light from the sky. In each one of my paintings there is a water element, brought forth in layers of colors and texture to reach a unique and interwoven piece of work.


Beyond The Horizon

“Beyond The Horizon” acrylics on torch-cut steel/mixed media 15″ x 48″


I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity to share my paintings with all of you, hope you enjoy!



  1. Very creative and beautiful! Best of luck to you!

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