Featured Artist Detlef Gotzens

Detlef Gotzens presents his painting and sculpture portfolio. Enjoy the diverse work of this talented artist, and visit his website for more information.


I Can Fly

“I Can Fly” by artist Detlef Gotzens, 2012


For me painting or making a sculpture with glass in combination with other materials is always a journey of discovery, and how I relate to time and space at the current moment emotionally as well as intellectually.


Fermented Abstraction Escalated

“Fermented Abstraction Escalated” 60″ x 75″ by artist Detlef Gotzens


The process of making work is the driving force. I just love painting and I have but no choice to follow what the painting dictates me to do until the time when it has evolved to the stage where I have to take more conscious decisions based on what is there now. At that moment, the work also teaches me something about myself and how I react to what I made which I find very interesting and exciting.



“Humano” by artist Detlef Gotzens


Inspiration as far as I can say for myself, is much more related to the process of making or it comes through working continuously. I work with many media and enjoy mixing drawing and painting as well as incorporate elements of collage into paintings.


Enchanted Shard

“Enchanted Shard” by artist Detlef Gotzens, 2012


Making sculptures with glass is very different in terms of the emotional intellectual approach. It is a highly technical medium that requires other conditions because of its nature and therefore does leave very little room for spontaneity. But I’m likewise interested in the process of making; it is just different emotionally and takes more structured and disciplined planning.


Fermented Abstraction Penetrating Rational Space

“Fermented Abstraction Penetrating Rational Space 55″ x 55”


It seems that my work is currently catching attention thru various platforms like Saatchionline as well as Artslant and it is very interesting for me how other people perceive my work and react to it. In November 2012, I was the runner up in the Saatchionline “showdown” competition and the winning work is now at the Saatchi Gallery in London on display.


On Edge

“On Edge” by artist Detlef Gotzens, 2011


I was just also invited to do a Life Painting performance in October of this year at the “La Grande-Messe d’Art’ Black & Blue” event in Montreal at the L’Arsenal new Contemporary Art Center. Hopefully that will be an interesting experience to see how it will affect the piece that I’m doing in this time/space/environment.


Head Noise Fermented Abstraction

“Head Noise Fermented Abstraction” 36″ x 36″


It is very interesting to me at this point in my life that I always feel that I’m still at the beginning of a journey. It seems that the journey itself is what matters. I’m saying that because it took a long time for me to realize that and relax to enjoy the ride, so to speak.



  1. Alex Bachmann says


    I bought a piece 15 years ago titled Two Medusas on Ice.
    Two Jelly fish in a square block glass.

    Would this be yours. The gallery does not have any information

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