Featured Artist Lynn Howarth

Enjoy the stunning pastel portfolio of Scottish artist Lynn Howarth, and see more of her work by visiting her website.



“Andy” Black and white pastel on Ingres paper, 297 mm x 210 mm


After graduating from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland way back in 1979, I worked as a Graphic Designer for the next 33 years but always had a hankering for the life of an artist.



“Laura” Pastel on PastelMat, 297 mm x 210 mm


It wasn’t until my three children grew up that I managed to find the time to actually sit down and draw. It was a Facebook drawing challenge in February 2012 that really sparked my drawing mojo! You had to submit a drawing a day for the whole month of February and at the end there was an exhibition. I was surprised and delighted to find I’d won a prize for the 2nd most ‘liked’ drawing out of over 2,000 drawings!



“Eck” Dark Violet and white pastel on PastelMat, 297 mm x 210 mm


I now find drawing every day has become second nature and have even managed to get enough work for a  solo exhibition which is currently running at Govanhill Baths, Glasgow and five of the fifteen original pastel paintings sold within two days!



“Bo” Pastel on PastelMat, 297 mm x 210 mm


I use pastels as my main medium as I find them very intuitive to work with. I love the intensity of colour you get with pastels and my work is generally either black and white or full on colour. I love working from life and go to life drawing classes and painting classes as well.


Blue Eyes

“Blue Eyes” Pastel on Sugar Paper, 290 mm x 290 mm


I really enjoy portraiture and figurative work, as I feel I’m using the skills I’m learning while drawing from life to their best advantage. I enjoy trying to capture the very essence of my sitter and try to incorporate all of their personality into the drawing – breathing life onto the paper.


Mr. Duggan

“Mr. Duggan” Black and white pastel on Ingres Paper, 297 mm x 210 mm


I feel I’m getting bolder as time goes on and am hoping to keep on producing more accomplished work of an extremely high standard. My work is on sale in a top Glasgow Gallery, Christos, and I will soon be featured as the sole pastellist on Tick Arty Boo.


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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Just gorgeous, meticulous work! FB “liked” with pleasure!

  2. Yes, beautiful work!! Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished so far!!!

  3. Great stuff Mum! Hard work pays off!

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