Featured Artist Andrea Stajan-Ferkul

Enjoy the divinely fashionable portfolio of artist Andrea Stajan-Ferkul, and see more from this Canadian artist by visiting her website.


Grace Kelly

“Grace Kelly” Acrylic/ Mixed Media 30″ x 60″


Andrea Stajan-Ferkul is a Toronto-based artist who studied art and design at Sheridan College. Her background lies in illustration and graphic design, having worked in the fashion advertising industry.


Untitled (Prada)

“Untitled (Prada)” Acrylic /Pencil 48″ x 60″


In 2000, Andrea shifted her focus to the world of fine art and has since been honing her work, experimenting with loose renderings, textures and mixed media.


Turn Me On

“Turn Me On” Acrylic /Pencil 36″ x 36″


Today, her paintings are known for their sensual expressions of subtle colour and intuitive mark making – it is the fusion of spontaneity and representation that her work is known for.



“Untouchable” Acrylic /Mixed Media 24″ x 30″


Her captivating dress paintings put emphasis on bringing the emotional and intuitive elements of her theme to the piece.


Underneath It All

“Underneath It All” Acrylic/ Mixed Media 24″ x 30″


There is a hint of intrigue behind the unfinished areas in her work, allowing the viewers imagination to wander.


Atelier on Queen Street West

“Atelier On Queen Street West” Acrylic /Mixed Media 30″ x 60″


She explores perceptions of style and elegance as a whole, and it’s role in contemporary life.


Andrea invites you to connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.



  1. Andrea,
    Your paintings and illustrations are truly divine. When I was 4 yrs old or so, my brother showed me how to draw a high heel. I drew it over and over for years. I, too, believe that fashion is a way we recreate ourselves every day, sometimes twice a day. I admire your work and your expression of elegance and beauty.
    Mary Carol Koester

  2. very intriquing work on such a large scale…would love to see it in person!!

  3. Artsy Shark – great feature on such an inspiring artist. Great work, Andrea!

  4. Beautiful work! I love the restrained palette. The neutrals are so rich. (Although on your site, I am in love with Cocktails in Emerald City.)
    Thanks, Carolyn!

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