Featured Artist Daniel Jean-Baptiste

Enjoy the brilliant vibrancy of Daniel Jean-Baptise’s paintings on silk, and see more from this artist by visiting his website.


Rainbow Toucan

“Rainbow Toucan”, Silk, 30″ x 40″


My life as an artist arrived when I was around 9 years of age while growing up in the tropical paradise island of St. Lucia.


Blue Morpho & Frangipani

“Blue Morpho & Frangipani”, Silk, 30″ x 40″


The place where I lived was totally surrounded with mango trees, butterflies and birds.


Happy Parrotfish

“Happy Parrotfish”, Silk, 20″ x 25″


I swam in the Caribbean Sea which was just a two minute walk from my home and could not believe the magic that I felt just watching fish of every colour swim under the wooden jetty.


Maria Tree Frog

“Maria Tree Frog”, Silk, 20″ x 25″


The light would sparkle as they danced to the shimmering waves. I could not take myself away from that experience and spent most of my days fishing and swimming.


Macaw in Mango Tree

“Macaw in Mango Tree”, Silk, 30″ x 40″


This experience influenced my life so much, that all my art today is a result of having such an exciting childhood.


Paradise Clownfish

“Paradise Clownfish”, Silk, 20″ x 25″


I want my work to express those magical moments I experienced and still feel today. The silk medium allows for wonderfully vibrant colours and for lighting effects almost as I had seen them all those years ago.


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