Featured Artist Steven Morris

Painter Steven Morris shares his stunning nature portfolio. Visit his website to see more from this masterful artist.


Spring Delivery

“Spring Delivery” Watercolor, 19″ x 16″


I started painting in 2009 after retiring from a career in graphic design and marketing. I have always enjoyed walking in the woods and fields so when it came time to pick a subject to paint the one clear choice was nature.


Speck-tacular Nest

“Speck-tacular Nest” Watercolor, 13″ x 24″


I was at first drawn to the beauty and variety of the flora and fauna, but in time I began looking more closely at the objects that are often overlooked. In my view the fallen leaves, seed pods, the dried remains of flowers, bird and insect nests are magnificent.


Trumpet Creeper

“Trumpet Creeper” Watercolor, 16″ x 11″


What are your goals?

There is an impermanence and imperfection in nature that I attempt to capture in my paintings. One week a nest is full of tiny, baby birds and the next the birds have flown away and the nest is abandoned.


Proud Father

“Proud Father” Watercolor, 17″x 16″


God has provided an amazing array of marvels in this world and I hope my paintings capture and do justice to these fleeting works of art.


False Indigo

“False Indigo” Watercolor, 16″ x 11″


What are you currently working on?

I am working on a watercolor series of bird nests I collected or have been given to me. The soft and unique qualities of watercolors are perfect to capture the feel and detail I am attempting to convey. Nests are intriguing in that they are engineering marvels created out of what is at hand, twigs, leaves, paper and plastic scraps, fur, feathers and mud.


Out on a Limb

“Out on a Limb” Watercolor, 19″ x 16″


I’m often asked if I change or modify the nest to fit my needs and the answer is no. I cannot improve on nature. How difficult it must be to build a home using a beak and two small feet.


Custom Built Home

“Custom Built Home” Watercolor, 19″ x 16″


What inspires you?

Music, design, family and friends and that little bird that will return next year and build another engineering masterpiece.


Rose Mallow Hibiscus

“Rose Mallow Hibiscus” Watercolor 16″ x 11″


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  1. Lovely work!

  2. wonderful paintings! I especially liked ‘Out on a Limb’

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You really use watercolours to their very fullest potential. Amazing sense of light/luminosity and detail Steven.

    • Steve Morris says

      Thank you so much for your comments, it’s hard to go wrong with nature as your subject matter.

  4. Your work is just beautiful Steven…I am especially drawn to the nests, i guess i just love the way you’ve captured them!!

  5. Please consider obtaining a Pinterest account so I and others can follow you there! I enjoy your artistry and admire your philosophy. Congrats on your recent accolades!

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