Change the World Through Your Art

by Carolyn Edlund

Twitter Art Exhibit


“Through art we can change the world.”

It may be a lofty goal, but that is the mission of the #TwitterArtExhibit, begun four years ago by artist David Sandum. This annual social-media inspired event is making an impact. It provides an opportunity to share your art and to contribute to a good cause – plus, it’s fun!

Robin Pedrero

Curator Robin Pedrero

Artists from around the world are invited to donate postcard-sized art to the exhibit, which will take place in Orlando, Florida this year. I touched base with Robin Pedrero, the curator of this year’s exhibit, to find out why the #TwitterArtExhibit is catching on so quickly.

“There’s such a camaraderie amongst artists participating in the #TwitterArtExhibit,” she says, “It is an opportunity to donate work, be exhibited in a new venue amongst all levels of artists, and truly make a difference. Even though there is not a theme, our charity being the special needs students and classes at The Center for Contemporary Dance has inspired several artists to create dance related works of art.”

She explains, “The art donated is sold with all of the funds going directly to the charity at the point of sale. Pieces that do not sell at the opening night go up for sale on our website. The unsold works can be utilized by our charity as they wish, such as gifts to sponsors, as awards to students, or exhibited in their dance studio.”

“Artists benefit from donating their work in being united by the goodness that comes from helping a charity,” she continues, “In a way it’s like an artists’ 5k, except instead of running or walking for a cause, we create postcard sized art from the heart with our hands and talents. In terms of more career benefits, artists receive exposure, they become more connected to the global art community with the world wide participation in the exhibit. Artists’ works are posted on the official #twitterartexhibit website, and given several social media shares via twitter, tumblr and facebook. There’s been a lot of support and sharing via blogs, posts and video as well.”

For the 2014 exhibit, organizers are planning to enhance the event even further.

“We will have a video and even some live streaming during the opening night reception,” explains Pedrero. “This year we will also have a print on demand catalog of the Twitter Art Exhibit Orlando. The exhibit enables participating artists’ work to reach collectors who might never have had the opportunity to come to know their work. The exhibit can also be added to an artists CV as an international exhibition.”

Ready to change the world? Register to participate in the #TwitterArtExhibit now – Deadline is February 21st!



  1. I found out about this just a bit to late. Any way I can get an email about others coming up?? Thank you!!


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