Featured Artist Marlies Merk Najaka

Enjoy the fresh and beautiful portfolio of artist Marlies Merk Najaka. Please visit her website to see more of her work.



“Morning” watercolor paper with deckled edges. Image Size: 24″ X 20″ Paper size: 30″ X 26″


The challenge I create for myself in each painting is to capture the fleeting light as I experience it in the moment. My primary interest is the luminosity in the subject matter and its shadows.



“Capistrano” Image size 30″ x 21″ watercolor paper with deckled edges.


I want to involve the viewer in discovering the color and light the way I perceive it. Watercolor lends itself perfectly to this exploration. By glazing and layering colors I can create a dimensional interpretation of light.



“Orchid” watercolor paper with deckeled edges. Image Size: 25″ x 13″ Paper size: 31″ x 19″


After a long and successful career as an illustrator working for major advertising agencies, magazines and book publishers, I transitioned to a career in fine art. I found this transition to be an easy one as my illustrations were painted with the same sensibility as my fine art paintings.



“Kyoto” watercolor paper with deckled edge. Image size: 26″ X 26″Paper Size: 33″ X 32″


Never one to pursue a commercial look, I found success in producing work that gave my clients a special identity in their marketing and editorial needs.



“Gardenia” watercolor paper with deckeled edges. Image size 22″ x 20″ Paper size 28″ x 26″


In addition to my watercolors I have recently rediscovered my love of oil painting. I paint oil portraits from life in natural light. Capturing the character of the sitter and the ever-changing light makes for an interesting and highly involving experience.


"Unwrapped" watercolor paper with deckled edges.  Image size: 21 X 16" Paper size: 27" x 22"

“Unwrapped” watercolor paper with deckled edges. Image size: 21 X 16″ Paper size: 27″ x 22″


This is a new and exciting challenge for me and continues my artistic evolution. This phase of my life as a painter is especially rewarding and interesting.



“Summer” watercolor paper, Size: 33″ X 38″ Image size: 25″ x 31″


I am pleased to be have won awards for my work and to have collectors, architects and interior designers purchasing my paintings.


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  1. Your featured watercolors are delightful and just the inspiration I needed this morning, thank you……………………..Judy

  2. wow you certainly achieve your goal of capturing the light; I can I think almost tell the time of day of each piece truly beautiful work – best ashar

  3. wonderful paintings – the play of light is incredible

  4. you’ve achieved such luminosity with your watercolor paintings…they seem to sing! just beautiful!!

  5. Such beautiful, glowing watercolours! The light and colour is breathtaking, Marlies. Thankyou for sharing these!

  6. Hi Theresa,
    Thank you for your comments!

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