Featured Artist Daniel Mackie

Using his experience as a professional illustrator, British artist Daniel Mackie has started his own card and print company, The DM Collection.


Frog in Water

“Frog in Water” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


My designs are animals with their habitat depicted within them. They are watercolour paintings, but a lot of people are surprised that they are because of my unconventional use of the medium.


Long-eared Owl

“Long-eared Owl” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


The overall flavor of the collection is decorative. I try to keep the composition of each creature as simple as possible. I have taken a cue from the Art Deco Movement to keep the shape of the design simple and elegant. The interior of each design is very much influenced by Japanese Prints, The Arts and Crafts Movement, and the work of Henri Matisse.


Hare Boxing

“Hare Boxing” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


Animals of all kinds feature in folklore. I include a factoid on the back of each card about that particular creature, such as the one on the back of the Hedgehog Card.



“Hedgehog” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing” is a quote by ancient Greek poet Archilochus. It may mean that the fox, for all his cunning, is defeated by the hedgehog’s one defence.



“Elephant Squirting Water” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


I launched the card collection at a trade show in London (Top Drawer) in January 2013, since then I have exhibited at 5 other trade shows and have been picking up lots of stockists across the UK. The DM Collection also has a number of overseas distributors including France, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Australia.



“Dachshund” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


The range is steadily growing and currently has 35 designs in total.


Ship's Cat

“Ship’s Cat” watercolour, greeting card 5″ x 7″


I am looking into producing notebooks and journals as these seem to me a good fit for expanding my product range. I have had some silk lampshades made using some of my repeating patterns, but these are still in the as research and development department!

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  1. Gorgeous artwork. I especially like the elephant.

  2. Wonderful juxtaposition! The cat is stunning. All the best to you!

  3. I am SO disappointed that I can’t buy them in the US!! I just love each design, especially the hedgehog!!

  4. Great style. I love the hedgehog.

  5. My mum just gave me two of these gift cards that she bought from Salamanca Market in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) – the elephant squirting water and black Labrador. They are delightful works of art – beautiful and imaginative. Look forward to seeing more. I can imagine a large scale print on my wall :- )

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