Featured Artist John Turton

Featured artist John Turton captures the stunning vistas of the Australian landscape. See more of his work by visiting his website.


Pastures to the Beach

“Pastures to the Beach” Oil/Acrylic 110cm x 99cm


I have been painting since the age of eleven, and am blessed in that I have been able to make art my career. Although I dabble with other subject matter, my paintings depict, and have always been inspired by, the Australian landscape.


Golden Glow

“Golden Glow” Oil/Acrylic, 94cm x 89cm


I love looking at nature – the textures and colours and different patterns formed by the plants and land forms. I particularly enjoy the aspect of where the land meets the sky; the expanse of the cloud formation, and the angles and contours of the land below.


Mountain Willows

“Mountain Willows” Oil/Acrylic, 122cm x 116cm


I am never really trying to document the actual landscape itself. My style is primarily expressive; for me it is more about a sense of place than a particular place and also the atmosphere conveyed.


Rocky Outcrop

“Rocky Outcrop” Pastel on paper, 75cm x 55cm


I love to travel, especially road trips, and although I don’t very often do plein air sketches (or even take lots of photos) it is later on, in my studio, that some aspect which has struck a chord or something of significance comes into play and a painting begins to evolve.


Boab Spray

“Boab Spray” Oil/Acrylic, 75cm x 73cm


I usually incorporate enough realism in my work so that the viewer can identify with the image, but have always had a hankering to become more abstract, so who knows!


Ocean Edge

“Ocean Edge” Pastel on paper, 75cm x 55cm


I am always trying to simplify my work as I feel that the better paintings are those that are less worked. The thing that excites me most is applying colours – both with a brush and a palette knife. It is amazing the ways in which they react with each other, pushing forward and pushing back. I also love using tones that are traditionally not thought to go together.


Billabong Bluess

“Billabong Blues” Oil/Acrylic, 126cm x 82cm


I have been doing a lot more work on paper recently. I have been experimenting with an oil paint wash, then working with pastel over the top, and have found it to be a colourful, quick way of drawing. It is a good way to loosen up before painting and has been a fun method to share with students at workshops.


Sunset Glow

“Sunset Glow” Oil/Acrylic, 94cm x 98cm


I get excited when my work is going well. It makes me feel like I’ve achieved what I set out to do and gives me confidence for the next piece. When people see my work, I’d like them to be excited too – about either the whole painting or even just a section. The main thing I’m trying to do is to create an atmosphere that evokes a response.



  1. beautiful paintings…especially love Pasture to the Beach…love that sky!!

  2. A very interesting style John and yes it is exciting – best ashar

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