Featured Artist Steve Kaminski

Steve Kaminski captures moments in time, creating an introspective portfolio of digital art. Visit his website to see more of his work.


Kinsale Harbor

“Kinsale Harbor” Digital print


I have worked as a Designer for close to thirty five years and my career has paralleled the rise of computing technology as a tool within the field. In college and early in my career, traditional wet photography and early forms of video were the main technologies available to me. I also developed a love of printmaking forms like silkscreens and wood and linoleum block prints.  The lessons learned using these techniques still inform and drive my art today.


White Curtains

“White Curtains” Digital print


My work at this point can be broken into two main categories.  Photography and what I refer to as Digital Printmaking.  Most but not all of my images start as a digital photo some are meant to be viewed as a photo and some I will use various techniques to remove the reality from the image creating more of an impressionistic or abstract image.


Can't See the Forest

“Can’t See the Forest” Digital print


The styles of art that I enjoy the most and that drive my work are Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism. For me there are some commonalities perhaps tenuous, perhaps only in my mind but the use of color to alter the reality of a scene or express an emotion speaks to me at a deep level.


Dream Tunnel

“Dream Tunnel” Digital Print



When creating digital prints from photos I have taken I enjoy removing the reality of the photo step by step layering new colors, textures and hand drawn elements to the image. For me the camera is a tool to capture a moment in time at a particular place that has moved me in some way. My goal however is to create a new piece of art that I hope will move the viewer in a different and meaningful way for them.


Bunratty Bike

“Bunratty Bike” Digital print


However, sometimes the photo I take is important to me as a photo and I usually know right away when this happens. I don’t know if it is the light, the composition or some other intangible factor that drives my decision, but when the image speaks to me as a photo, that is the way it stays. As I look at the photography I have on my website, one thread I do see is a feeling of solitude or quiet introspection.


A Seat in the Sun

“A Seat in the Sun” Digital print


One of my goals over the next few years is to try to go back to non-digital image making, painting or more traditional printmaking.  I’m not sure how I will fare, but I am really looking forward to the journey.



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