Featured Artist Terri Tuazon

Enjoy Terri Tuazon’s distinctive style of altered photography, and be sure to see more of her work by visiting her website.


Buchart Garden, Canada

“Buchart Garden, Canada” Mixed media, size varies


I was born and raised in Nanaimo, BC, Canada but now call West Haven, Connecticut home since my marriage to Glenn during the weekend of Super Storm Sandy.


Darkside of Vegetables

“Darkside Of Vegetables” mixed media, size varies


In 2006, after raising my three children, I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon D50, and a 28-300 mm lens. Within two hours of opening the box, I was out the door taking “close-up pictures of flowers” and I was hooked – I had found my passion and the missing piece of Terri.


Eight Eyes Watching

“Eight Eyes Watching” Mixed media size varies


I am a self-taught photographer who will take photos of almost everything. I love to find the hidden photo in an everyday simple capture through post-editing and applying my artistic vision.


Wedding Day

“Wedding Day” Mixed media, size varies


My goal in my photography is to stimulate the senses and to bring an emotive response to the viewer.  My belief is simple, “Life is a photograph waiting to be captured. ”


Chirp Chirp

“Chirp Chirp” Mixed media, size varies


My desire to learn the trade was bordering on an obsession and I went full steam ahead. Master photographer Klaus Bohn looked at my meager beginnings and asked if he could mentor me. I was thrilled at the opportunity to learn from such a skilled artist.


Stormy Day

“Stormy Day” Mixed media, size varies


After acquiring the training, I found myself drawn into the world of post-editing. Because I’m not a traditionalist when it comes to photography, I knew exploring the exciting world of the digital darkroom was the perfect medium for myself.


Fantasy Waterfall

“Fantasy Waterfall” Mixed media, size varies


There is something that just ignites in me when I get in front of my computer and start finding that hidden gem. Sometimes it’s a small change. Sometimes the original is only a memory when the true image is presented.


Ruffled Iris

“Ruffled Iris” Mixed media, size varies


I love the small details of nature photography. It inspires me to dig out the most inconsequential details and bring it to the viewer’s attention.



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