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Painter Anne B. Schwartz presents her luminous portfolio and talks about sources of inspiration. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.


Lost in Ravello

“Lost in Ravello” Oil on Canvas, 27″ x 27″ Ricordi d’ Italia series.


I am an abstract painter living in the Los Angeles area. Although I have always been an artist, I have not always been a painter. After graduating from The University of Oregon in Graphic Design and then graduating from The Gemological Institute of America, I became a high end jewelry designer for many years. Although I absolutely love jewelry design, my hands turned to painting after my daughters were born.


Above Tuscany

“Above Tuscany” Mixed Media, 17″ x 17″ Ricordi d’ Italia series.


Currently, I am working on two series. One stems from my fascination with the ruins of Italy. In Ricordi d’ Italia, which is oil on canvas, I have utilized the multi-textured appearance of the ruins and the dazzling colors of the Amalfi Coast.


Via Positano

“Via Positano” Oil on Canvas, 60″ x 48″ Ricordi d’ Italia series.


My other series, Crystal Auras, features mixed media paintings with countless layers of potent earth-tones and sculpted surfaces inspired by the depths of caves and shimmering crystals. This stems from my love of gemstones and gold.


Springtime in the Alps

“Springtime in the Alps” Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 40″ Ricordi d’ Italia series.


Although these series look different from one another, they both share my love of color and texture. I use a different technique for each of the series. Both begin with utilizing various texture mediums applied with large spatulas.


Vesuvianite Found

“Vesuvianite Found” Oil on Canvas, 31″ x 35″ Crystal Auras series.


After drying for several days, each painting gets a coat of yellow iron oxide. Then the fun begins! In Ricordi d’ Italia, I paint the canvas from a photograph I took while in Italy. It is rather realistic although I keep the piece very fresh and spontaneous.



“Cosmos” Mixed Media on Canvas, 33″ x 33″ Crystal Auras series.


The next stage involves layering oil paint rather thickly with brushes and palette knives. The end result is an abstract painting with bits of the original landscape peeking through.



“Moonscape” Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″ x 24″ Crystal Auras series.


Although I begin my Crystal Aura paintings in the same manner with texture, the end result is quite different. I use acrylics and layer color over color to obtain the depth and mystery of the painting. I often use Japanese brushes and sponges to merge the various colors. In addition, natural pigments are often applied. This helps the painting appear to glow.


Artist Anne B. Schwartz in her studio

Artist Anne B. Schwartz in her studio


My paintings are in galleries as well as interior design showrooms. It is very satisfying working with designers and placing my art in their various projects. I love to paint and I love color! I hope you enjoy my work.


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