Featured Artist Ilia Chidzey

Enjoy the colorful and distinctive style of Australian artist Ilia Chidzey’s portfolio, and visit her website to see more of her work.


Blue Combustion

“Blue Combustion” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


I have explored many ways to express myself. The challenge to project the forms and colours that dwell is a constant dichotomy between physical limitations and mental goals. A journey initiated with the pursuit of butterflies in the hope of capturing iridescent colours from ephemeral wings with which to paint has led to my latest campaigns in artistic expression.



“Channels” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


I am seduced by the sensuality of colour and form and inspired by the beauty and elegance of the nude. I try to manifest the warmth of humanity through sinuous forms, intertwining line and vibrant colour.



“Ardour” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


Every moment becomes an adventure where I play with contrast and composition to see how I can project emotion through these means. I believe the nude offers a stripped back sense of vulnerability combined with uninhibited yet innocent confidence and it is my challenge to try and capture that contradiction.


Ode to Brett

“Ode to Brett” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


I have experimented with many different mediums over the years, from mural painting, theatre set building, sculpture, and laser cut-out light screens with architectural applications through to pastel, ink and airbrush work. I am currently focussed on airbrush with contrasting linework.



“Blenjending” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


The luminosity of colours and smooth black ink or paint inspires me and allows me to project the sensuality of movement and passion of my models. The slicing of form in unexpected yet repetitive rhythm creates a focus for the eye that is in turn drawn along the curves of the form.


Arachen's Descent

“Arachne’s Descent” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


My use of line and form resonates from a Japanese heritage of woodblock (ukiyo-e) and ink painting (sumi-e) on my mother’s side and creates an interesting fusion with pattern and repetition that is influenced by the Australian indigenous culture that surrounds me.



“Ascend” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


My most recent works involve incorporating brushed aluminium and mirror. Sanding back aluminium during the preparation phase provides a unique shimmery texture that enhances the vibrant colours of the airbrush ink. It makes quite a statement combining the warm malleability of skin with the ice cold touch of stern metal – a stimulating contrast.


Abandon All Hope

“Abandon All Hope” Airbrush on Aluminium, 750 mm x 500 mm


Mirror as a substrate allows the viewer to see themselves intertwined with the figure and asks whether they discern themselves as an autonomous entity or as an integral part of an artwork. Sandblasting elements of the background in preparation for paint application creates a semi-opacity that adds softness to areas and the reflections almost become shadows.


Uncertain Principles

“Uncertain Principles” Airbrush on Mirror, 600 mm Diametre


I have always been fascinated by art that is transient and constantly evolving. The use of mirror achieves this – no person will ever see what another does – the constant ebb and flow of reflections provides a kaleidoscope of forms and colours that are beyond my involvement.



“Escape” Airbrush on Illustration Board, 750 mm x 500 mm


I love the possibilities this offers. A true reflection of how our perceptions are influenced by our involvement in our observations. It is never possible to be totally objective. By the act of living our lives we affect our surroundings, which in turn affect us. I am profoundly affected by my environment. I hope that I have the potential to reciprocate in some small way.


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