Featured Artist Annette Randall

Annette Randall’s amazingly meticulous and accurately rendered pencil drawings and oils of horses breathe life into their subjects. To see more of her art, please visit her website.


The Warmup Pen

“The Warmup Pen” Pencil, 14″ x 11″


I’ve had a love affair with horses since I was six. My dad told my mom he was going to “see a man about a horse” and he really did! He came home with two of them and horses have been a part of my life ever since.


Hurry Up and Wait

“Hurry Up And Wait” Pencil, 13″ x 22″


Drawing them came naturally to me and recognizing that, my mom played a crucial role in helping me understand line, form and depth. We’d go out to the horse barn, sit on a log and draw the horses in great detail.



“Veterans” Pencil, 15″ x 11″


Observation is such a big part of drawing or painting. My drawings are full of detail and I observe and study continually while creating a piece of art. By the time I’m finished with all the layers and detail, I feel like I know my subject intimately.



“Popsicles” Pencil, 14″ x 11″


I pursued an art degree in college but never finished as I got married and started a family. Somehow my art got put on hold for over 20 years. I never completely stopped drawing and painting, but did just enough to keep my “toe in the water” so I didn’t forget how much I love creating art.


The Catch

“The Catch” Pencil, 17″ x 14″


It was a joyful day when my kids were grown and gone and I could return to my studio (which was one of their bedrooms). I dug out my art supplies and pencils and took up where I left off so many years ago.


Let's Go Home

“Let’s Go Home” Pencil, 16″ x 16″


I developed my own drawing style, using mostly 5B and darker pencils. I prefer to use the Berol Turquoise pencils, and Derwent for the 8B and 9B darks. My favorite drawing paper is Strathmore 500 series Bristol plate surface. Just recently, I discovered the electric eraser and I’ve had a great time exploring what I can do with that. My method involves laying down many layers of pencil, blending, refining the detail but mostly just pushing the pencil around until it says what I want it to say.


Out Of The Gate

“Out Of The Gate” Pencil, 16″ x 22″


In 2010, I began exhibiting my work with critical success that has helped me move forward quickly. I now have a dedicated studio space in my home as well. Horses and the cowboy life have always been my favorite subjects and that is my main focus today.


Move To Summer Range

“Move To Summer Range” (Detail) Oil


Pencil is my go-to medium, but I also work in oils and plan to expand my work in that area. There is something about working in black and white, creating form and space with nothing but a pencil and blending stump that brings me great satisfaction.



“Curious” Oil, 18″ x 14″


The method I use for pencil drawings is very time-consuming. As I progress my goal is to learn to work more efficiently and quickly-if that’s possible! Being an artist is a lifelong journey and I plan to travel this road as long as I can.


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  1. Fantastic work Annette!! I am in amazement how you create such beautiful detail with such soft leads…brilliant!! There is just something about detailed pencil work that is just soo wonderful!!

  2. Very admirable work!

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