Featured Artist Brian Tisdall

Brian Tisdall lets his imagination take him on his journey as an artist, using various mediums and pursuing whichever theme inspires him.  To see more of his artwork, visit his website.


Rhythm of Life

“Rhythm of Life” Acrylic on Canvas, 120cm x 150cm


I was born in Tanzania where I lived until age 10; greatly inspired by the beauty of nature and imbued with an urge to draw form an early age. Africa held a powerful visual presence for me. I loved to draw, and along came colours and the emotions they generate, and wow!


Koala Flute

“Koala Flute” Acrylic on Canvas, 75cm x 100cm


I continued playing with art throughout my schooling in Ireland and Australia, becoming a commercial artist in Brisbane for three years in the 1970’s. I continued to paint for myself as well as for work, playing with colours and honing my drawing skills.


Journey Through the Landscape

“Journey Through the Landscape” Oil on Canvas, 120cm x 150cm


Disenchanted with the commercial world, it took several career changes before I realised that I was still an artist. That is the path that I have chosen for the past thirty years or more–to be an artist and to paint whatever is required to express myself and to make a living from it.


Fantasy in Floral

“Fantasy in Floral” Oil on Canvas, 120cm x 180cm


This I have succeeded in doing, and have produced a wide variety of artworks in many mediums, and I will forever enjoy the challenge of my next piece of art.


Koala Deep in Sax

“Koala Deep in Sax” Acrylic on Linen, 100cm x 75cm


Colourful, humorous, surreal, impressionistic, realistic, traditional, contemporary, sketchy, detailed, acrylic, oil, watercolour, charcoal, murals; the imagination is unlimited and inspiration is everywhere!


Koala Deep in Sax

“Cinderella” Acrylic on Linen, 100cm x 100cm


It has always been a struggle for me to “loosen up” and paint freely, but I am slowly achieving this goal. I have come to realise that the important thing about being an artist is to be true to one’s self and to let the creativity flow without boundaries.


Napoleon Wombat Surveys the Mary Valley

“Napoleon Wombat Surveys the Mary Valley” Acrylic on Linen, 100cm x 75cm


That is now the greatest challenge for me; to allow my art to flow, and to follow where it leads without hesitation. I am so looking forward to finding out what happens!


Oh No! We've Got a Flat!

“Oh No! We’ve Got a Flat!” Acrylic on Canvas, 90cm x 45cm


Perhaps my art will still be varied and versatile, or perhaps it will find more focus and a recognisable “style” will emerge?  No matter what, I will try to paint what my intuition feels, and not be overly influenced by the desires of others. It is the journey that is important, and it is time to test my true potential as an artist.


When Frog Met the Owl

“When Frog Met the Owl” Oil on Linen, 100cm x 75cm


I do like it when others gain pleasure from my work and relate to it.  I hope that you enjoy these paintings, and I hope you will follow my progress in the future.


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  1. Kathleen says

    I love your art blog! The colors you use and your pieces of art defiantly caught my eye. The colors you chose are very vibrant and welcoming. Also I like how you incorporate different images of animals you wouldn’t image wearing a suit etc. into your pieces of art. My favorite one was “Fantasy in Floral” the different choices of flowers you picked and colors really drew my eye to the painting because it was so colorful it made it interesting. Great pieces of art keep up the good work!

  2. Wonderful work of art. I enjoyed the Dolphins the best. The colors, movements and subject.

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