Featured Artist Britt Hallowell

Britt Hallowell uses mixed media and multiple acrylic washes on wood to create luminous and translucent textural paintings.  Visit her website to see more of her work.


Through Wisdom's Eyes

“Through Widsom’s Eyes” Acrylic, Charcoal and Oil Pastel Mixed Media, 18″ x 18″


I became an artist almost accidentally. I didn’t plan on being a painter. As a child, I spent countless hours drawing and coloring. As the years went by, I grew up, and put aside my artistic loves. I had a steady “normal” job that I enjoyed, but I wasn’t really fulfilled.


Growing in Grace

“Growing in Grace” Acrylic and Charcoal Mixed Media on Wood, 18″ x 36″


One Christmas, my husband gave me an easel, brushes, and paints; sparking that old flame once again! I started making paintings for fun and taking requests from family and friends. Soon, people started telling me to try selling them, so I cautiously listed a couple on Etsy, not thinking much would come of it. I was shocked to find that people really loved them and wanted them!


Tiger Lilly

“Tiger Lilly” Acrylic on Wood, 24″ x 48″


From there it was a whirlwind ride: getting professionally published, winning multiple awards, being featured in advertising campaigns, furnishing restaurants, and selling at art festivals around the country. It got to the point where the demand for my art was so high that I had to make the decision to quit my job and solely be an artist, which I believe I was destined to do!


Dream Theater

“Dream Theater” Acrylic on Wood, 18″ x 18″


I create unique paintings through a merging of contemporary and traditional styles. In the first step I start by layering a mixture of plasters to create textures on the base of each panel. Once dry, I paint on top using multiple acrylic washes.


Spirit of Africa

“Spirit of Africa” Acrylic and Charcoal Mixed Media on Wood, 48″ x 36″


I primarily use tools such as rags, palette knives, squeegees, and anything else I can get my hands on to apply the paint rather than brushes. Sometimes I will also add charcoal.


In Shadows of Greatness

“In Shadows of Greatness” Acrylic and Charcoal Mixed Media on Wood, 12″ x 36″


I call it controlled chaos as I am constantly applying and removing layers, applying more, and removing more. I never know what the finished product will look like until I see it and I “just know.” I’m inspired most by weathered woods and natural elements.


Beauty Breaks Through

“Beauty Breaks Through” Acrylic on Wood, 36″ x 36″


My husband and I hand-cut and build all the wooden frames that I paint on. Wood is a better alternative to canvas as it is much more durable and does not warp or sag like canvas can. Each painting takes a minimum of 5-7 days to complete.


Ghosts and Giants

“Ghosts and Giants” Acrylic, Charcoal and Oil Pastel Mixed Media on Wood, 24″ x 36″


My art is organic in nature, reflecting trees, flowers, and animals in a usually figurative manner, although sometimes leaning to more realism. I believe that art should be interactive and fun, never stagnant and forgotten.


An Abundance of Beauty

“An Abundance of Beauty” Acrylic on Wood, 24″ x 48″


I love that adding textures to paintings can give art new life and draw the viewer in, allowing you to see something new each time. I try to evoke warm and comforting emotions through my artwork. I love knowing that I have added a bit of beauty to this world. It inspires me every day to keep creating.


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