Featured Artist Peter Bragino

The beauty and wonder of Earth and all it’s amazing natural treasures are found in Peter Bragino’s mixed media paintings. To view more of his incredible work, visit his website.


Seeds of Creation

“Seeds of Creation” Acrylic, Digital, 24″ x 18″


The main goal of my life is to experience this heavenly place called Earth in all its glory on a daily basis. I like to witness and soak in the amazing and magical things that happen every day. These moments of grandeur and inspiration happen intensely when I’m in nature and that’s when I’m the most inspired to create.


Majestic Glow

“Majestic Glow” Acrylic, Marker, Digital, 6″ x 4″


I always think to myself that I’d love to show the world what I see through my eyes when I come across the neverending earthly treasures and mystical moments that nature provides. Nature is abundant and prolific. My goal is to continue to honor her with my art and to always showcase her ideas and her magic, her colors and her songs.


Celestial Waves

“Celestial Waves” Acrylic, Laser Engraving, 7.5″ x 4.5″


What inspires me? Right now I’m working on building my brand as an artist, and creating an offering of art that brings value to the world. I intend for these creations to go out into the world and help to support a few ideas.


House of Wisdom

“House of Wisdom” Acrylic, Marker, 24″ x 18″


One idea is to encourage people to seek a deeper connection to their own sacred spiritual path. Our intuition and our hearts are such important spaces for us to find truth and beauty in our lives. I’ve always followed my heart and it’s led me to an incredible life of creativity. I know others want to pursue their own path as well, and I want to encourage and support that internal seeking through the art that I make.


Transmission of Light

“Transmission of Light” Acrylic, Pencil, Marker, 18″ x 24″


I’m also working on a short book/graphic novel called “The Quest for the Queen of the Forest.” It’s about a little girl named Aloura and her best friend, a black panther named Maybeline who embark on a precarious adventure of self-discovery.


Manifest Destiny

“Manifest Destiny” Acrylic, Marker, Pen, 10″ x 7″


Lately I’ve been inspired a lot by playing, writing and recording music. I’ve been developing this musical craft for the past 20 years. Music and art are perfect counterpoints for me as a creative because they allow me to continue the creative process without getting burnt out on either one.


I Am Mountain

“I Am Mountain” Acrylic, Marker, Pen, 7″ x 10″


I make art because I can’t help but see things from a designer’s point of view. It’s very difficult for me to look at anything and not see how I would compose it. If I walk into a store, I have creative ideas for the decor. If I set a table, I arrange the items in a compositional manner.


Internal Light

“Internal Light” Acrylic, Marker, Digital, 10.25″ x 7.25″


I believe creativity is more about composition than anything else. It’s the idea of having a bunch of parts that might seem random and making connections with them. When you can bring the pieces together and harmonize them you’ve created art, a relationship and a story. Essentially you’re a composer that mimics what nature does naturally.


Embracing Balance

“Embracing Balance” Acrylic, Marker, Pen, 9″ x 6″


I make art because I want to have fun just like Mother Nature does when she makes her infinite creations. Creativity is fun. It’s our right as human beings to be creative. Everyone deserves the right to be creative…. 🙂



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  1. Beautiful work Peter!

  2. stunningly original ! nice.

  3. I especially love Majestic Glow and Celestial Waves, stunning!

    • Thank you Kristi – So glad that you resonate with those pieces. Majestic Glow is a very popular one so you have great taste! – I have a personal interest in Celestial Waves, I really love so many little things about that image. Thank for your comment!

  4. I love “Internal Light”!…”Magestic Glow” reminds of a view of the Cathare castles in the South of France…

    • Maryse – So glad that you like Internal Light – That’s probably one of the most personal pieces to me and the idea behind that image was the catalyst for the entire series. Thanks for your response on this. Many blessings!

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