Featured Artist Charles Strain

Artist Charles Strain creates flowing, expressive bronze sculpture. Visit his website to see more of his work.



“Duet” Bronze, 51”H x 18″L x 12″W


After much experimenting with different art forms, I finally found my passion. I studied at Culver Stockton College in Canton, Missouri, and also at Studio International in Italy. It was in Italy that I decided upon my medium and pursued my dream of becoming a sculptor.



“Promises” Bronze, 8′ x 4′ x 4′


I determined that bronze was the medium for me. If you know me, you would know that my hands are large, sometimes clumsy and lumbering. I am that guy that always knocks his drink over while eating dinner; however, with clay work, my hands are agile and quick, feeling the forms in my mind.


Seated Figure

“Seated Figure” Bronze, 20″H x 11″L x 12″W


With clay, however, you still have to be careful – the pieces will break easy if bumped or dropped. I wanted to make pieces that would last, that could be passed down from generation to generation. Bronze is durable, and withstands time.


Man in Chair

“Man in Chair” Bronze, 30″H x 24″L x 24″W


The process of lost wax casting of bronze excites me, fascinates me, and exhausts me. The process is long and arduous, but at the end of the process the beauty I see in my thoughts becomes reality.



“Skaters” Bronze, 17″H x 10″L x 3″W


I draw my imagery from the world of nature and life experience. The fusion of man and nature is a predominate theme in my sculpture.


Inner Being

“Inner Being” Bronze, 32″H x 16″L x 4″W


The aesthetic lines of the human figure and the celebration of human emotion are vehicles I use as subject matter in my composition.


Inner Being

“Inner Being” Bronze, 96″H x 40″L x 18″W


Happiness, sadness, a moment in time, a familiar experience, a celebration; these are some of the experiences I hope to impart through my work.


Family Tree

“Family Tree” Bronze, 51″H x 12″L x 12″W


I want people to feel these emotions:  happiness, love, sadness, excitement, beauty and peace. If the sculpture evokes feelings, I have done my job.


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