Featured Artist Beatrice Lebreton

Artist Beatrice Lebreton creates symbolically-inspired artwork that tells a story. Visit her website to see more of her work.



“Unveiled” Mixed Media on Canvas, 18″ x 24″


Born and raised in France, I have been a creative person as far back as I can remember; drawing, coloring, playing with fabric remnants, doing needlework and knitting by my grandmother’s side. I was the dreamer of the family, seeing stories unfold in a cloudy sky, or in the wallpaper, or while hiding in a makeshift tent to read over and over books of tales from around the world.


Paroles d'eau

“Paroles d’eau” Mixed Media on Canvas, 36″ x 12″


Even as a child, I wanted to go to a school where all I had to study was visual art, music, poetry and dancing. It did not happen at that time, but after high school I was admitted to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where I obtained a Master of Fine Arts with a major in drawing.


Letters from Afar - Auchimalgen

“Letters from Afar – Auchimalgen” Mixed Media on Board, 36″ x 24″


Later on, when working on a Master in Art History, I took a class on African art. Being exposed to African culture helped me to develop my artist’s creativity and to express a side of myself that had been previously hidden.


Letters from Afar - Mawu

“Letters from Afar – Mawu” Mixed Media on Board, 36″ x 24″


Inspired by the beauty, grace and dignity of African women, I started to create a series of not exactly “portraits” but more “representations” of these women, using watercolor first and then switching to acrylic.



“Dream” Mixed Media on Canvas, 12″ x 36″


This was the beginning of many more series dealing with the female image – their position, contributions, struggles and identity.


The 4 Seasons - Autumn

“The 4 Seasons – Autumn” Mixed Media on Board, 36″ x 24″


Placing the figure in the foreground of colorful designs and symbolic patterns (influenced by Klimt, Mucha, and the Art Nouveau period) allows me to lift the women from an everyday life setting and to relocate them in the realm of immortality.


The 4 Seasons - Winter

“The 4 Seasons – Winter” Mixed Media on Board, 36″ x 24″


My work has progressively developed into the narrative and creating stories. I use it as a means of communication, focusing on symbolism and metaphors.



“Whispers” Mixed Media on Canvas, 18″ x 24″


Experimentation is a huge component of my work. As a mixed media artist, I combine both abstract and realistic elements which visually create richer and more interesting tensions. I add textured, stitched and beaded surfaces to the painted areas.


Artist Beatrice Lebreton n the studio

Artist Beatrice Lebreton in the studio


These patterns, fabrics and beads become a focal motif, add a tactile touch and fuse into, I hope, a language of their own, stretched between the limits of the imaginary and the history.



“Reflection” Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″ x 36″


Nothing is more exciting than preparing for a new work. First thorough research, then sketching and finally arranging the paints (usually fluid acrylics), beads, pieces of fabric and threads according to the color scheme. Music in the background, a cup of tea on the side …. the adventure starts and the rest is just a story that I hope will inspire a sense of wonder and connection in my viewers.



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  1. Wonderful work! So powerful and beautiful.

  2. Beatrice- What a wonderful feature for an excellent artist! Love your work, the style, the intimacy of the faces and juxtaposition of the patterns. Please e-mail me; I have a question for you…. If this doesn’t have a direct link to e-mail, please do through my website: http://www.jcbarattasart.com

  3. Beatrice Lebreton…absolutely love your art. The Spirit always comes glowing through your beautiful imagery. Keep on creating these beatiful pieces of art.

  4. Hi Beatrice

    Your art is amazing

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