Featured Artist Marc Jaffe

Digital photographer Marc Jaffe uses various techniques to achieve dynamic, mesmerizing results. Visit his website to see more of his photography.


Night Travels 08985

“Night Travels 08985” Digital Art, Sizes Vary


“A photograph is a moment in time. It’s what you do with it that matters.”  Jaffe


Night Travels 05299

“Night Travels 05299” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


I have been a photographer for most of my life; my dad was a commercial photographer, so I grew up with a camera in my hands. My camera is just a tool for me to use my creativity; I love to be able to see the results right away and know how it will look later when I twist it around in the computer.


Night Travels 02665

“Night Travels 02665” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


My current series, “Night Travels,” is shot using the original 1st Gen Sony RX100, while moving without looking through the camera, using the built-in flash.


Night Travels 01636

“Night Travels 01636” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


Each camera in my arsenal gives a different effect based on the chip, the processing algorithms in the camera and the file size. The one constant is that I shoot raw. The Sony with it’s 1” 20-megapixel chip has been my go-to camera for a number of years now.


Night Travels 02666

“Night Travels 02666” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


This is pretty much how I always have shot for the last thirty years, minus the flash. Now the discovery of nighttime photography has taken my work to the next level.


Night Travels 05007

“Night Travels 05007” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


There is a new excitement that is added by shooting at night and not looking. It brings me back to the days of film and painstakingly waiting for the film to be processed. I owned my own lab back then, so it was still a long wait for the impatient.


Night Travels 02886

“Night Travels 02886” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


Much of my work is now almost black until I process the raw file. I have been pretty shocked when I see the results. The latest surprise was the deer perfectly placed under the tree.


Mirror 00494

“Mirror 00494” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


The mirror series has been an ongoing theme. I love the new images that are created when the image is flipped around on itself. There is always something new to see.


Mirror 00514

“Mirror 00514” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


I always shoot raw and I have created a series of saved developments in my digital lab. I start with the same one and then progress through different variations I have created over time. Then I fine-tune.


Mirror 05700

“Mirror 05700” Digital Photography, Sizes Vary


When I was a commercial photographer, I specialized in light painting in the studio. I love the color saturation and mood I was able to create, and now I have found a new way to express that need. In addition to fine art photography, I am a web designer, textile designer and a Mac technologist.


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  1. Just WOW! So beautiful and mysterious. Love the image with the deer – amazing!

  2. Thanks Caroline for showcasing me! Dorothy, I was pretty surprised to see the deer since the work is done with out looking as i go by this driveway. I was especially surprised again when i went back to the image and noticed 2 more deer in the foreground in the blue section…

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