Showcase of Acrylic Painting

Enjoy this diverse collection of acrylic paintings, created by some of our artist friends. Click each name to visit the artist’s website.


Artwork by Pauline Gough. Her work appears in the Acrylic Showcase at


Pauline Gough – I purposely paint quickly and expressively in order to maintain a fresh result, and the energy behind the paintbrush being of more importance than the subject.


Artwork by Nancy Teague. Her work appears in the acrylic showcase at


Nancy Teague – I abstractly express connections and reflections, rich aspects of doing life and “being.” Spontaneity, playfulness, and intentionality flow subtly and boldly on my canvas. Joy and freedom influence me greatly!


Artwork by Mike Salcido. His work appears in the acrylic showcase at


Mike Salcido – Hues of blue and red were the inspiration for this painting. The coolness of the blues and warmth of the reds bring a certain calmness and energy to the painting.


Artwork by Barbi Leifert. Her work appears in the acrylic shoawcase at


Barbi Leifert – As a former dancer, I used to dance everywhere, especially at the beach in California while I was in university. This artwork is inspired by those experiences.


Artwork by Tsun Min Chmielinski. Her artwork appears in the acrylic showcase at


Tsun Ming Chmielinski – I was gazing at the big Buddha in Hong Kong on a beautiful day under a completely blue sky and was inspired to capture that moment. I love painting acrylic with layers and a lot of texture. The excitement of the unexpected outcome always intrigues me.  The script of the “Heart Sutra” feels just right.


Artwork by Sandra Duran Wilson. Her work is in the acrylic showcase at


Sandra Duran Wilson – Time and space are concepts I incorporate into my work. The illusion of time is particularly fascinating. When I look into space through a telescope I become a time traveler.


Artwork by Dona Love. Her artwork appears in the acrylic showcase at


Dona Love – My art is non-objective with a goal to bring the viewer emotional or intellectual feelings and ideas. I look beyond the object to the subject which is light, color, shapes and texture.


Artwork by Christine Cholowsky. Her artwork appears in the acrylic showcase at


Christine Cholowsky – This acrylic painting is created in layers using texture to add depth, vivid acrylic colors to catch your eye and is sealed with varnish to enhance this turtle’s silent journey.


Artwork by Helen Kagan. Her artwork appears in the acrylic showcase at


Helen Kagan – An artist and healer, I believe in interconnectedness of mind-body-spirit. My unique “Healing Arts” saturated with colors, movement, energy, embedded spiritual messages becomes a medium for inspiration, healing, transformation and well-being.



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  1. Beautiful work, Love the colors especially the abstract pieces

  2. Amazing art I love the different experiences and ideas you get from each website. Its awesome!

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