My Studio Mascot

We asked some artist friends if they had a studio mascot, and got a huge response! Meet their best friends and muses in the studio, and a few furry studio managers as well …


Studio Mascots of artist Becky Chan. See the whole photo article at


Becky Chan – My two studio mascots are Boe and Leo. Here is a photo of them in the car on our way to dropping some portraits off at the post office. They make for the perfect artist assistants as they always make me laugh and I think that laughter and happiness breeds creativity!


Studio Mascots of artist Denise Valentin. See the whole photo article at


Denise Valentin – I actually have three mascots: Copper, Abby & Max. All three were rescued back in the fall of 2014 from local shelters. I am very lucky that they all get along well and love each other. Having no children, they are my babies.


Studio Mascots of artist Meredith Morris. See the whole photo article at


Meredith Morris – Puff Mama likes to hang out in my home studio and “help”… ever since the rooster decided he didn’t like her, she has become the pet chicken on the farm!


Studio Mascot of artist Tiffany Birch. See the whole photo article at


Tiffany Birch – Seafoam commission painting 48″x48″ acrylic on canvas shot in the studio when Lilee was a pup.  Lilee is pure creative, acutely aware, full of energy, tuned in and turned on.


Studio Mascot of artist Bryan Nelson. See the whole photo article at


Bryan Nelson – This is Patches. She likes to chase squirrels and destroy chew toys, especially if they squeak.


Studio Mascot of artist Barbara Klar. See the whole photo article at


Barbara Klar – George and me in the studio. He’s the goofball and always offers up some comic relief.


Studio Mascot of artist Chris Blevins. See the whole photo article at


Chris Blevins – When (Mini) Cooper isn’t helping in the studio, he likes to sunbathe in the backyard and hang out with the flowers.


Studio Mascot of artist Colleen Gyori. See the whole photo article at


Colleen Gyori – Wrigley and Rosie (Havanese) are my constant companions and my inspirations. They are adorable reminders to find the joy and fun in each endeavor.


Studio Mascot of artist Donna Lashof. See the whole photo article at


Donna Lashof – This is Isis, named long ago after the Egyptian goddess. Her mother’s name was Egypt and she thinks she is a goddess! She spends her days sleeping in my ceramic studio.


Studio Mascot of artist Marcela Carvalho. See the whole photo article at


Marcela Carvalho – Tina taking a nap in the studio after a long day of art work.


Studio Mascot of artist Sima Amid Wewetzer. See the whole photo article at


Sima Amid Wewetzer – TuTu is one year old. I never had a dog in my life She has brought so much luck, happiness, and life lessons in our life. TuTu is full of love and joy, and a great politician too. She is the love of my life.


Studio Mascot of artist Susan Porter. See the whole photo article at


Susan Porter – Coco Chanel seen here wearing a grey twin set & pearls- attention seeking girl! Always close by while I paint purring with approval at my creative efforts!


Studio Mascot of artist Theresa Otteson. See the whole photo article at


Theresa Otteson – This is Athena. All 75 pounds of her wants to sit on my lap while I paint and the only way to keep her from doing so is to bring her dog bed into my studio and turn music on.


Studio Mascot of artist Allison Staffin. See the whole photo article at


Allison Staffin – Here is my Bernese Mountain dog Kodi. He follows me everywhere and hangs out with me in my office all day.


Studio Mascots of artist Nathalie Marino. See the whole photo article at


Nathalie Marino – I have two mascots who follow me very closely and spend their time with me whenever I’m in the studio. There is Lily who is very quiet and my crazy one, Zoomba who makes things fall. I love their company!


Studio Mascot of artist Carley Brown. See the whole photo article at


Carley Brown – Brodie is “Top Dog” Consultant and inspiraton for my greeting card line, TAGLINES® Pet Cards with Message Tags—a celebration of the enduring bond between people and their pets.


Studio Mascot of artist Ann Widner. See the whole photo article at


Ann Widner – Daisey is a 13 year old rescue beagle, and Moose is a 12 year old orange tabby. Moose is my studio assistant, and Daisey mostly just naps while I work. They are inseparable.


Studio Mascot of artist Barb Simcoe. See the whole photo article at


Barb Simcoe – Here’s a photo of my kitten, Fireball, who loves to nap under my easel while I paint. He’s about 8 months old and is a flame point Siamese mix. He loves to play fetch the paper ball & sometimes takes his paper balls into the shower stall to play a game of “shower ball”, bouncing it off the tiled walls.


Studio Mascot of artist Mercedes Victoria. See the whole photo article at


Mercedes Victoria – Snickers, my studio mascot for 11 years, loves to create with me and sit on my rough sketches (she somehow knows to stay off the good ones!) She is a fantastic drawing buddy who keeps me company.


Studio Mascot of artist Peggy Stokes. See the whole photo article at


Peggy Stokes – My buddy Brody is a shelter dog who is my constant companion while I either sit at my desk and paint or frame my photos. He is also a wonderful support for my husband who is battling cancer.


Studio Mascot of artist Emily Magone. See the whole photo article at


Emily Magone – This is my sweet boy Henry. He loves rolling around on my drop sheets and always stops me for cuddle breaks as needed!


Studio Mascot of Laurie Leonard. See the photo article at


Laurie Leonard – Meet Callie.  She has a very large purrsonality. In the photo, she is guarding the entrance to my castle (sun porch).  Her other duties include untangling chains, knocking things off the work table, keeping the paper inside the printer and licking up crumbs.


Studio Mascot of Francine Perri. See the photo article at


Francine Perri – I happen to have two mascots. The poodle is Biscuit and the Lab is Bosco. Unfortunately, we call Biscuit “Mussolini” because he always bullies Bosco! Bosco especially is one heck of a dog. He follows me everywhere, is kind and gentle and LOVES to stay with me in my studio.


Studio Mascot of Kat Lunoe. See the photo article at


Kat Lunoe – Here is Earl Grey, hanging out at the base of my painting easel. He also enjoys cuddling, chasing bugs, burying himself in fresh laundry, and lounging on my drawing board!


Studio Mascot of Katie MacMahon. See the photo article at


Katie MacMahon – This is Guido, a small dog who casts a large shadow. He’s a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, so I refer to him as a “Chihuaranian.” Since he’s my buddy, he goes everywhere with me, and he gets a big silly dog smile on his face when we head up to the studio.


Studio Mascot of Mary Mirabal. See the photo article at


Mary Mirabal – Colby, a sweet tabby boy, is my studio assistant. He loves to nap on the job, usually on my desk or the chair I’m about to sit in to paint.


Studio Mascot of Nickisha Thompsonl. See the photo article at


Nickisha Thompson – Kace will sleep in the room while I make paintings and create. I create art weekly, and last weekend he wanted to sleep in the bed at the spot where I sit to make paintings.


Studio Mascot of Pamela Evans. See the photo article at


Pamela Evans – I have two mascots, and they live under my feet. Meet Cory (big) & Sunshine (small).


Studio Mascot of Susan Ashley. See the photo article at


Susan Ashley – Since I have allergies to living fur babies, “Gourdy” is my furry mascot. He was an anti-stress device from work and he retired with me four years ago to the studio where stress is no longer an issue.



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  1. Fun article Carolyn. Sharing!!

  2. What a fun post!! I couldn’t even imagine creating my art without at least one of my animals hanging around me!!

  3. I feel the same way I love when my Bosco is laying near me when I am creating
    Sometimes he goes under my worktable and falls asleep!

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