Featured Artist Shel Waldman

Shel Waldman’s Native American art focuses on the connection between humanity and nature, evoking a sense of deep spirituality. Learn more by visiting his website.


Native woman with cougar, Native American inspired spiritual painting by Shel Waldman.

“Cougar Vision” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 18″ x 28″


Living and growing up in the diverse neighborhoods of East and West Rogers Park in Chicago, Illinois, I experienced my very first cultural inspirations. The neighborhood was considered the most divergent  community throughout the Midwest. A variety of languages were spoken, and many immigrants resided there. It contained a disparate collection of working classes, religions and ethnicities. They all celebrated their unique cultures with food, festivals, music and art.


Native American inspired wolf and landscape painting by artist Shel Waldman.

“Greeting the Great Wolf” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 28″ x 18″


This diverse cultural upbringing provided me with a great learning existence, which nourished and dynamically influenced my creativity and sense of originality.


Painting of a Native American woman with butterflies by artist Shel Waldman.

“Maiden of the Falls” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 18.5″ x 28.5″


From this I’ve been fortunate to develop a special connection with numerous cultures and enjoy a unique understanding of our many differences and similarities as human beings.


Surreal painting of a Native American brave melded with nature landscape.

“Metamorphosis of the Seasons” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 16.5″ x 28.5″


After college, I began teaching and studying about Native Aboriginal cultures as well as the Native American people who live throughout Canada and Michigan. Soon, I began to truly appreciate their devout connection to nature and the environment.


Wolf, Indian brave and moonlight painting, Native American Art by Shel Waldman.

“Moonlight Calling” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 18″ x 28″


I also came to appreciate their cultural spirit and uniqueness. This inspired me to record their profound relationships and cultural elements on canvas. I painted an entire series of art that captures the essence of these native peoples and the spirit within them.


Painting of a Native American shaman, Mixed Media by artist Shel Waldman.

“Path of the Vision Seeker” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 18″ x 25.5″


Having been born during the 1960’s and as a dedicated student at the American Academy of Art and Chicago Art Institute, I was deeply affected by unique illustrators like Mark English, Peter Max and Bernie Fuchs.


painting combines landscape with a Native American warrior and wolves, Mixed Media by artist Shel Waldman.

“Shelter from the Approaching Storm” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 18″ x 28″


For over thirty years, I have found my greatest joy lies in painting beautiful, visually stimulating art. I consider my style to be eclectic and genuine.


"Star Gazer" Indian brave and sunset, Native American Art, Mixed Media, painting by artist Shel Waldman.

“Star Gazer” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 28.5″ x 18.5″


Equal to my passion for art and painting has always been philanthropy. In 2012, I opened up a food pantry in partnership with the Greater Chicago Food Depository, feeding over five hundred people every single month. Today, just six years later, the project is in full swing and we are now feeding thousands of needy people on a monthly basis in the neighborhood where I lived and grew up.


"Soaring Spirit" Native American chief and hawk painting by Shel Waldman.

“Soaring Spirit” Native American Art, Mixed Media, 18″ x 27″


Today, I live on the magnificent, beautiful big island of Hawaii. I continue to paint and explore my own spirit within art and the artistic life I’ve come to truly appreciate. Seeing my paintings and custom mural works gracing the walls of galleries and pubic establishments across the globe makes me realize just how fortunate I am.


Artist Shel Waldman painting Native American-inspired art in his studio.

Artist Shel Waldman in his studio


Amidst all this, my mission in life has not changed. I look forward to continuing my growth as an artist and a human being through continuing to connect with nature and people everywhere. My experience has shown me that all people love visual beauty and that the spirit of art lives within everyone.


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  1. Mary Jo Caruana says

    I just want to say how beautiful your work is. I love how you combine the human and animal or nature into your work.

  2. Donna E Van Tassel. says

    You blend animal, nature and people into one piece of art in a way that each is separate and at the same time one. Which is the way its suppose to be. Thank you for sharing your gift.

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