Featured Artist Rick Berk

The landscape photography of artist Rick Berk captures the senses with vivid color, dramatic perspective and a sense of place. Visit his website to see more.


Sunset at Cannon Beach Photograph by Rick Berk.

“Days End in Cannon Beach” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


I picked up my first serious camera as a college student to fulfill a requirement towards my degree in graphic design. My first inclination was towards sports photography, which I pursued at the beginning of my career. I began freelancing for newspapers, and eventually landed a contract with a trading card company photographing professional baseball, football and hockey.


Photography of Dawn on the Carolina Coast beach scene with tree by artist Rick Berk.

“Dawn on the Carolina Coast” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


My love for landscape photography began gradually. I was traveling quite a bit for work and began photographing the places I traveled.


Boldly colored time lapse photo of traffic in Marin County by artist Rick Berk

“Marin Headlands” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


I found being outside calming and therapeutic. I continued to find places I wanted to photograph, adding my unique vision to the images. As my career evolved, sports photography gradually faded to the background for me. I began a career as a trainer and technical specialist for Canon USA, which allowed me to travel even more and have time to photograph the places I visited.


Photograph of Sunrise at Wolfe's Neck Woods by artist Rick Berk.

“Sunrise at Wolfe’s Neck Woods” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


In my twenties, I visited Maine for the first time and instantly fell in love with its coastal landscape. I decided then that I wanted to live there to explore the landscape with my camera. Finally, in 2016, life threw me several curveballs and it was clear that the time was right to make the move to Maine. I settled just north of Portland and have spent the past two years photographing as much of the state as I could.


Photo of Lighthouse and New Fallen Snow at Pemaquid Point by Rick Berk

“New Fallen Snow at Pemaquid Point” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


While I do occasionally work in black and white, my work is most noted for it’s use of vibrant color and fine detail.


Digital photo of colorful Sunset at Water's Edge by Rick Berk.

“Sunset at Water’s Edge” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


I love to use wide angle lenses in my work, emphasizing foreground elements while creating a sense of place.


Striking sunset photo of a dory in Bernard Harbor by Rick Berk.

“Dory in Bernard Harbor” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


Additionally, I use Benro filters to manage my exposures. Neutral density filters are integral to getting just the right shutter speed to record the movement of water in specific ways. Graduated neutral density filters enable me to capture a scene with high contrast in one shot, rather than using post-processing techniques such as HDR to combine images.


Colorful digital photo of Skyline Arch in the Late Day Sun by Rick Berk

“Skyline Arch in the Late Day Sun” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


All of my images are captured in RAW format and then processed using Photoshop. I always have a vision of what my final image will look like, even as I’m capturing it. I enjoy the process of using the digital darkroom to bring my vision to the image I’ve captured.


Dawn landscape photograph of a lone tree in the mountains by artist Rick Berk.

“Sentinel Dawn” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


I print my work on archival papers using the latest inkjet technology. In addition, I embrace new printing processes such as using metal, canvas and acrylic.


Photograph of the Lower Falls on Kancamagus Highway by artist Rick Berk.

“Lower Falls on Kancamagus Highway” Digital Photograph, Various Sizes


When I began, I drew a lot of inspiration from the work of Ansel Adams. While my work differs greatly, the way he was able to communicate mood through his images is something I continually strive for.


Photographer Rick Berk takes stunning landscape photos.

Artist Rick Berk


I also take an immense amount of inspiration from the photographic community at large. Social media has made the world a smaller place. It’s much easier to connect with other photographers around the world and integrate aspects of others’ work in my own.


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