Featured Artist Andy Crawford

Andy Crawford’s inspirational photography captures the beauty and magnificence of nature. Enjoy the following selection from his portfolio and visit his website to see more.


Black and white photography of the Badlands by Andy Crawford

“Badlands in Contrast” Photography, Various Sizes


My passion for nature photography can be traced to my youth, when I first came across a selection of Ansel Adams photos.


Photography of Lake Martin outside Lafayette, LA at sunset by Andy Crawford

“Lake Martin Sunset” Photography, Various Sizes


The ability to capture the amazing beauty of nature captivated me, sparking a desire to share the wonders of nature with others.


Photograph of the Smoky Mountains mist at sunrise over Brasstown Bald by Andy Crawford

“Brasstown Bald Mists” Photography, Various Sizes


This passion for photography has joined with my long-held belief that nature is absolute proof of God’s creative powers. The beauty of a waterfall. The amazing colors of a sunrise or sunset. The stark landscape of the desert Southwest. They all show the ongoing work of a mighty Creator.


Photography of two trees in the swamp under a starry sky by Andy Crawford

“Star Gazers” Photography, Various Sizes


I travel the United States in search of photographs that go beyond simple snapshots. I want to create images that inspire others to experience the world as I do, that call them to take a break from the hectic schedule of their lives and spend time outdoors.


Photograph of a daytime moon over Deadhorse Point in Utah, a bend in the Colorado River by Andy Crawford

“Moon over Dead Horse Point” Photography, Various Sizes


The goal remains the same, whether I’m slogging through the swamps near my Louisiana home, capturing another amazing sunrise in the Smoky Mountains or clambering down a mountain to find just the right angle for a waterfall photo—produce an image that inspires.


Photography of autumn foliage reflected in water taken in the Smoky Moutains by Andy Crawford

“Smoky Mountains Autumn Colors” Photography, Various Sizes


This process begins in the outdoors, and often requires backpacking twenty or more pounds of equipment for miles to get the right shot. I’m often up hours before daybreak or out late into the night. I spend time at each location, learning the best angles to depict the scene in front of me.


Photograph of waterfalls in the Laurel Fork of the Holly River in Holly River State Park in West Virginia by Andy Crawford

“Laurel Fork Pool” Photography, Various Sizes


I have to make myriad decisions. Should I use a higher or lower camera position? Should I use maximum depth of field to show the entire scene in focus, or employ a very shallow focus to draw the eye to one portion of the scene? Is a wide-angle capture the best, or do I need to really tighten in on one or two aspects?


Photograph of an old tin fishing camp tucked in the trees on the edge of Louisiana's Lake Maurepas by Andy Crawford

“Cajun Camp Life” Photography, Various Sizes


Opening the camera’s shutter is only the beginning of my work, however. I complete the creative process in my studio, using a variety of software programs to tease out colors and detail, to bring up light here and turn down exposure there. I print all my work in various sizes and media, including metal print, paper, acrylic and gallery canvas wrapped.


Photograph of a sunset seen from Albert Mountain in the Nantahala Mountains in North Carolina by Andy Crawford

“Sunset from Albert Mountain” Photography, Various Sizes


Every decision makes subtle changes to the image. But each of these tweaks has one primary goal—to reproduce the wonders of the scene as I see it, with all the richness inherent in nature.


Photograph of Louisiana's Lake Maurepas at sunset by Andy Crawford

“Lake Maurepas on Fire” Photography, Various Sizes


The results are photographs I believe represent God’s artistic mastery and that, hopefully, transport others to that unique place and time.


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