Featured Artist Michael Dupille

Artist Michael Dupille’s imaginative portfolio showcases his expertise with kiln formed glass. Enjoy more of his work by visiting his website.


Glass artwork of a baseball field and a hotdog by Michael Dupille

“Ballpark Frank” (Wall Piece) Kiln Formed Glass, 24” x 38” x 3.5”


Art came to me early in life as my father painted for a hobby. He gave me my first drawing lessons in the basement studio, setting up still life objects to work from. He instructed me on the fundamentals of drawing and painting. I’ve been drawing ever since.


Glass artwork featuring Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and iconic religious symbols by Michael Dupille

“Good Friday in Paris” (Wall Piece) Kiln Formed Glass, 37.5” x 26.5” x 1”


Other influences and inspiration came from daydreaming in church—taking in the color, light and design of the stained glass windows as well as the subtle nuances in the statuary.


Glass artwork of a stylized octopus arm by Michael Dupille

“Octopus Garden” (Wall Piece) Kiln Formed Glass, 12” x 24” x 1″


I took up glass blowing as part of my art studies while attending Central Washington University in the early 1970s and became infatuated with the material and the process. After college, I enrolled in trade school to learn commercial printing and design. Then I started an art school and design center in my home town of Tacoma, Washington, which ran for several years.


Art glasswork of several owls looking away from each other by Michael Dupille

“A Parliament” (Wall Piece) Kiln Formed Glass, 25” x 15” x 1”


During that period, I met two stained glass artists at a local craft fair. They had just started doing something called fused glass, and had some small elements in their pieces. I told them of my glass blowing experience and they invited me to their studio where we shared what we knew of each others’ processes.


Glass sculpture of a tin of sardines partially opened by Michael Dupille

“Fish Tin” (Sculpture) Kiln Formed Glass, 8.5” x 12.5” x 4”


They introduced me to the owner of the glass company who created the “compatible” glass used in the fusing process. We hit it off and he invited me to work with him and a group of other artists developing the working methods and testing procedures to further this “new” art form.


Glass artwork showing red seals in the water by Michael Dupille

Top: “Red Seals” (Wall Piece) Kiln Formed Glass, 40” x 23” x 2” Bottom: “Red Seals” (Detail)


Feeling that glass blowing was limiting, I found my niche with kiln formed glass. The principle treatment I use is taking crushed colored glass of various sizes, and fusing it in a kiln at various temperatures for different effects. I found I could fulfill my need to create imagery with this process. Being an image maker at heart, the method allowed me to use color, do shading and work with multiple dimensions.


Glass artwork of the Eiffel Tower with a large pink rose at the top by Michael Dupille

“Ruins to a Rose” Kiln Formed Glass, 24.5” x 38” x 1”


This was a time of intense experimentation and trial and error, mostly seeing what could be done with the material and the kiln.


Glass artwork of the prow of a boat moving through a school of fish by Michael Dupille

“Scattering Fish” Kiln Formed Glass, 24” x 38” x 1”


The “grand experiment” continues. Many of my processes, techniques and products are now industry standards and my career moves forward. I do some gallery work, take commissions, and teach workshops nationally and internationally. I’ve also been fortunate to create many large-scale projects in the public and private sectors. All of the pieces shown here are studio work.


Art Glass sculpture of a green cactus like totem pole by Michael Dupille

“Green Totem” (Cast Glass Sculpture) Kiln Formed Glass, 4.5” x 15” x 4.5”


Good work comes from hard work, and I’ve never rested in terms of creating and challenging myself.


Glass artwork of two fish by Michael Dupille

“Watercolor Fish” (Panel) Kiln Formed Glass, 9” x 6”


One of my primary goals as I started my career was to work in ways other people do not. I applied this philosophy early on as a painter and illustrator and I bring that to my discipline as a glass artist. I’m lucky to have been blessed with a fertile imagination and will continue doing my best to make the most of it.


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