Featured Artist Carla Fisher

Artist Carla Fisher creates intriguing and textural fiber art using natural and upcycled materials. Visit her website to see more of her work.


Abstract mixed media and fiber art by Carla Fisher

“Phoenix” Rayon Embroidery Thread, Archival Paint and Tyvek Envelopes, 38″ x 38″


I didn’t start out to be an artist. In fact, it was the one thing in life that I admired in others that I never felt I could do. But life has its twists and turns…


Abstract 3-D fiber art, Carla Fisher

“Secrets of the Caribbean” Rayon Embroidery Thread, 5″ x 4″ x 3″


I spent twenty-five years in the financial services industry. My husband convinced me to take early retirement so that we could travel throughout the country in a 1940s motorhome. It was a fabulous life until a heart attack, followed by several heart surgeries, and ultimately cancer, took his life. Suddenly, I had to find a way to take forty years of a “we” and turn it upside down to make a “me.”


Abstract mixed media fiber art, series of 3 by Carla Fisher

Top: “Blue By Me If Blue Bayou” (1 of 3)/Middle: “Blue By Me If Blue Bayou” (2 of 3)/Bottom: “Blue By Me If Blue Bayou” (3 of 3) Rayon Embroidery Thread and Tyvek Envelope, 15″ x 11.5″ x 2″ Each


I made the decision to go back to school to study fiber art. I attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At that time, the University had a program known as the Post Baccalaureate program. It allowed an individual with a degree in another field of study to prove their artistic capability through completion of the program. At that point, they would then be allowed to matriculate into an MFA program. I earned my degree from UArts in May of 2016.


Abstract mixed media fiber art by Carla Fisher

“For Eric’s Gem” (Detail – Commission) Rayon Embroidery Thread and Dryer Lint, 22″ x 22″


Today, I sculpt with thread. Using a water soluble substrate and multiple shades of rayon embroidery threads, I create two and three dimensional watercolor styled artworks. Eroding as little as one inch at a time, I shape each curve, bloat or indentation in hopes of magnetizing the viewer with discovery.


Abstract fiber art by Carla Fisher

Left: “Those Pesky ‘Shrooms” (2 of 2) Rayon Embroidery Thread/Right: “Those Pesky ‘Shrooms” (3 of 3), Approximately 3″ x 2.5″ x 3″ Each


Often, I will add materials other than thread into my work, which is always recycled. The “trash” is a metaphor for widowhood. When one loses a spouse, it’s not just the loss of a best friend or a loved one; it’s also the loss of a daily lifestyle. You feel lost, empty, wasted, useless, discarded, just like we regard trash.


Abstract mixed media and fiber art by Carla Fisher

“Nature’s Ball” Rayon Embroidery Thread, Keurig Coffee Filters and Pods, Lint, Ribbon Scraps and Plastic Shopping Bags, 12″ x 24″ x 2″


My goal is to take these throwaways and give them new life as something beautiful, just as art itself did for me. My reward is the viewer’s visceral response of surprise when I disclose the materials I’ve used. Tyvek envelopes, Keurig coffee filters, Shout color catchers, dryer lint, plastic produce bags and packing materials are just a few of the materials that morph into art in my studio.


Abstract encaustic, mixed media and fiber art by Carla Fisher

Untitled (Detail) Encaustic Beeswax with Damar Resin, Rayon Embroidery Thread, Packing Materials, Keurig Coffee Filters and Wood Shavings and Chips, 32″ x 24″ x 4″


To gain texture and mass, I began working in encaustic. The movement of the wax stirs my soul and suddenly I feel like a real artist.


Abstract Encaustic mixed media and fiber art by Carla Fisher

Top and Bottom: “Burnout” (Detail) Damar Resin, Avocado, Pistachio and Leechee Nut Shells, Charcoal and Rayon Embroidery Thread, 24″ x 36″ x 3″


Nature is my inspiration. I am in awe of the colors, the textures and the patina that is painted on the landscape of our world! Much of my work contains moss, lichen and fungi which make for breathtaking surprises on a simple walk.


Abstract mixed media and fiber art by Carla Fisher

“FunGi That You Are” Rayon Embroidery Thread, Tyvek Envelopes and Raincoat, 18″ x 16″ x 2″


My goal is to stir emotions within the viewers of my abstract renderings, helping them to feel something that perhaps they’ve never felt before. When they view my more representational works, I aspire to help them see what I see in the tiniest of details and draw them in.


Artist Carla Fisher at work in her studio

Artist Carla Fisher at work in her studio


I now know that the artist within me was always there. It took a life-altering event to help me experience the joy of sharing it with others.


Artist Carla Fisher invites you to follow her on her personal and professional Facebook pages.


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  1. Stunning work!

  2. Janet L Dossigny says

    Beautiful recycling of your materials and of yourself. Thank you for your story and for the amazing beauty you bring forward in your work.

    • Thank you for those kind words! I have come to believe that my life mission, at least in part, is now to offer others hope after loss. It is HARD to pick up and move on, but it can be done! If my story offers hope to even one more person — helps to draw out the beauty from the ugliness of pain — I am overjoyed!

  3. Thank you for your story & the amazing beautiful work that you produce now because of it. Art is truly an inner voice that loves to be heard by the world.
    Your work is beautiful to behold !

  4. Isn’t it amazing how art can be so healing when we let it come from within?

  5. Penny schmitt says

    The “plan B” life you never wanted or asked to live is sometimes the most beautiful. You have certainly made it so! Humble scrap quilts- yes, but these organic beauties rendered from refuse are of another order. Bravo for your insight, love and what must be infinite patience!

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