Featured Artist Andrea Shearing

Artist Andrea Shearing blends sculpture and painting to create abstract images through a meditative process. View more of her art by visiting her website.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic on MDF of waves hitting rocks by Andrea Shearing

“Splash!” Acrylic on MDF, 122cm x 46cm


I was fortunate to have a traditional Scottish training at Edinburgh College of Art where I studied sculpture and painting. The first two years of my studies were devoted to intense observational drawing including anatomy, painting, sculpture and basic design. This training has formed a sound foundation to develop my own personal language—it still underwrites the essence of my work.


Abstract 3d acrylic on MDF of Canary Wharf by Andrea Shearing

“Reflections of Canary Wharf” Acrylic on MDF, 82cm x 46cm


Although I work outdoors on location, I am not trying simply to represent my subject matter in a naturalistic way. My aim is not only to capture the energy and force of nature but also find an inner meaning.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic on MDF of an ice cave by Andrea Shearing

“Sunset Ice Cave” Acrylic on MDF, 122cm x 53cm


My creativity is driven by the inner journey I am on—my ideas start in the unconscious. Initially my creative process starts with a feeling. I then look for a location that somehow connects with this feeling and through contemplation the meaning slowly emerges.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic on MDF of the moon over the ocean near the Seven Sisters by Andrea Shearing

“Moonshine on Seven Sisters” Acrylic on MDF, 82.5cm x 36cm


Having chosen a location, I get an image in my mind’s eye. I see the shape of the painting and the composition. At this point I not only draw up the outer shape and cut the MDF board, but I also work out my palette. I feel that the colour palette is the key to marrying the inner feeling I have to the timbre and mood of the painting and I give this very careful consideration. There is a colour concept behind my choice of colours.


Abstract sculpture of a view looking into a cave and out at the ocean by Andrea Shearing

“Looking In – Looking Out” Acrylic on MDF, 80cm x 61cm x 15cm


I have found composing in irregular shapes a very dynamic process. Choosing which line to make first is the springboard on which the act of composing starts, so careful consideration is given to making the first mark. From this the image emerges and grows.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic and MDF of a view over the hills towards the ocean at dawn by Andrea Shearing

“Misty Dawn” Acrylic on MDF, 47cm x 76cm x 26cm


I work very slowly, mixing minute amounts of paint to get exactly the tone and intensity of colours I want. Although I represent the location I have chosen with a degree of accuracy, my process is a meditative one so the link with the subconscious is kept. It is only as the painting evolves that I understand the meaning it has for me.


Lobby exhibit of several acrylic on MDF sculptures by Andrea Shearing “Moving Water”

“Moving Water” Acrylic on MDF, Various Sizes


My aim is to give the viewer the opportunity to tune into this, and also to provide them with the opportunity to travel around the world I have created to find their own meaning in it.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic and MDF of an ice puddle by Andrea Shearing

“Ice Puddle” Acrylic on MDF, 80cm x 80cm


I try to incorporate time, speed, and breathing spaces in my work. An inner journey requires time and space. The speed of the journey varies so I see some shapes as slow shapes and some lines as fast lines. The spaces are areas that the viewer can sink into.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic and MDF of a deep pool by Andrea Shearing

“Deep Pool” Acrylic on MDF, 68cm x 34cm


For example, in my series of healing pools, I have tried to create a vibrant and luminous simple shape in order to invite the viewer to spend time bathing in the healing colour of blue.


Abstract sculpture with acrylic and MDF of a large 3 ribboned waterfall by Andrea Shearing

“The Giant Waterfall” Acrylic on MDF, 200cm x 250cm x 50cm


Recently, a London barrister bought my Deep Pool for her daughter who is seriously ill. This touched me deeply to think my painting might help her recovery. Finding a good home for my work is my idea of success!


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