Featured Artist Hilda Champion

Fluid and dreamlike, Hilda Champion’s photographic images convey a sense of serenity. Find more of her work by visiting her website.


Digital photograph of a path in a forest by Hilda Champion

“Forest Bathing” Digital Photography, 36″ x 54″


I am a German/American fine art photographer living in Naples, Florida, since 2001. My formative years were spent in Europe, but I have lived a large part of my adult life in South America and then North America, which exposed me to different regional aesthetics.


Digital Photograph of the Mall of Berlin by Hilda Champion

“Mall of Berlin” Digital Photography, 36″ x 24″


My love for traveling has taken me all over the globe (and it still does.) Travel provides ample opportunities to experience different cultures, appreciate the arts, and train my eye to the marvels of this world.


Digital photograph of a boat traveling through fenced areas in the water by Hilda Champion

“Into the Maze” Digital Photography, 28″ x 35″


I prefer to work with available light as opposed to adding artificial light sources. Consequently, I am more of an outdoor photographer rather than indoor.


Digital photograph of a staircase by Hilda Champion

“Pleated” Digital Photography, 45″ x 30″


My work can be representational, but more often it is not. If you look close enough, you can find always find something new. Practicing photography influences our perception of the world around us. Taking the time to notice what is around us, and how it makes us feel, builds a sense of appreciation and contentment. We reconnect with a world we normally rush through.


Image “Tree in Winter”, Digital Photography, 39” x 52” (suggested)

“Tree in Winter, Digital Photography


At the same time, photography also comes from the depth of who we are. It is an exploration of ourselves. I am always looking for balance and symmetry in my work and I try to reduce distractions to a minimum. Visual rhythms and harmony are paramount.


Digital photograph of reeds in the water by Hilda Champion

“S-Curve” Digital Photography, 31″ x 20″


It is my philosophy that in photography, as in life, the most important mathematical concept is subtraction. Subtract all that is distracting and unnecessary, until only the essential remains.


Digital photograph of purple bougainville by Hilda Champion

“Bougainville” Digital Photography, 35″ x 53″


One of my favorite techniques is layering. Layers upon layers, thinner than an onion skin, carefully aligned and stacked on top of each other. As an example, “Bougainville” was created from 32 different layers, images taken from all sides of the tree. Pixels that are present in each layer add intensity. Pixels that occur in only a few layers create the lightness. Altogether, this produces a very subtle texture. Effectively, this creates a true 2D representation of a 3D object.


Digital photograph of a boat in the mangrove swamp by Hilda Champion

“In the Mangroves” Digital Photography, 30″ x 24″


A lot of my work involves manipulating the 4th dimension – time. Leaving the camera shutter open for a long time brings out light that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


Digital photograph of colored crab cages by Hilda Champion

“Colorful Crab Cages” Digital Photograph, 35″ x 35″


Water becomes a uniform surface, clouds are swept into unpredictable forms by the wind, and hardly perceptible light sources illuminate the scenery from different directions. You see what is impossible for the human eye to see – accumulated time.


Digital photograph of Artist Hilda Champion by Hilda Champion

Artist Hilda Champion


I show my work globally in exhibitions and competitions and have received numerous international awards and accolades. I sell my work in very small limited editions, in custom sizes and finishes, but also offer media licenses and finished artwork for lease.


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