Featured Artist Sue Moerder

Artist Sue Moerder presents a portfolio of skull and mixed media assemblages which she claims “give new life to the dead and discarded.” Enjoy more of her quirky art by visiting her website.


skull assemblage candle sconce by Sue Moerder

“Queen Bee” mixed media, 16” x 22” x 15”


Most of my life I have been trying to find the right fit as an artist. I went to Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) for Illustration, then got sidetracked into a degree in advertising and graphic design when I graduated.


skull assemblage with aviator goggles by Sue Moerder

“Airplane” mixed media, 29” x 10” x 22”


During college and for a few years after, I did soft sculpture which I exhibited in galleries in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Baltimore. My work was published in the books Outstanding American Illustrators and 3-Dimensional Illustration as well as in the periodicals Print Magazine and Baltimore Magazine.


skull assemblage of a chained torso by Sue Moerder

“Fallen Angel” mixed media, 24” x 24” x 67”


After twenty-plus years in advertising feeling frustrated and burned out, I ended up in tattooing for about seventeen years, which included opening my own tattoo shop. I enjoy tattooing, but it’s stressful, so I started painting skulls for relaxation. This quickly mutated into sculpting with them and combining them with antiques and found objects.


skull assemblage with antlers by Sue Moerder

“Boo” mixed media, 22” x 35” x 13”


When I work on one of these pieces, I see only shapes and textures—it’s kind of like putting together a puzzle.


skull assemblage lamp by Sue Moerder

“Mermaid” mixed media, 13” x 15” x 66”


I didn’t even know assemblage art was a thing when I started, but have since become so entrenched in the art form that it’s changed my life.


skull assemblage with two joined skulls by Sue Moerder

“Conjoined” mixed media, 23” x 16” x 10”


I look at everything differently now. Every day is a treasure hunt where a single piece of trash can send me into a creative frenzy. Inspiration is everywhere and I see art in everything!


skull assemblage with a moose antler by Sue Moerder

“Flasher” mixed media, 33” x 14” x 30”


I created so many pieces so quickly that it only made sense to turn my tattoo shop into Moerder Tattoos & Gallery where my art as well as other local artists’ work is exhibited.


skull assemblage with a bird cage by Sue Moerder

“Escapee” mixed media, 15” x 36” x 16”


My art can be found at Ivystone Studio in Pennsylvania, Arch Enemy Arts and The Strange & Unusual in Philadelphia. I have also been published in Outsider Art Magazine, USA Today and featured on Fox News.


skull assemblage wall art by Sue Moerder

“Shroud” mixed media, 21” x 25” x 7”


I’ve been told what to do with my talents most of my life, and it has definitely influenced my art—which is bold and unapologetic, and extremely complicated and detailed.


Artist Sue Moerder with her skull assemblages

Artist Sue Moerder with her skull assemblages


This is my own personal artistic voice and I’m so grateful that I’ve finally found it.


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