Featured Artist John Sheridan

Artist John Sheridan poses difficult societal questions through his hard-hitting conceptual sculpture.

Artist Showcase, Early Fall 2021

Twenty-three artists contributed favorite works for our current Fall Artist Showcase.

Featured Artist Sue Moerder

Artist Sue Moerder presents a portfolio of skull and mixed media assemblages which she claims “give new life to the dead and discarded.”

Featured Artist Sharon Deveaux

Using various camera parts, artist Sharon Deveaux creates intriguing jewelry, assemblage art and fun figures she calls “The Camera Crew.”

Featured Artist Katia Bulbenko

Artist Katia Bulbenko creates intriguing mixed media assemblages using a variety of techniques that blur the line between painting and sculpture.

Featured Artist Gale Rothstein

One-of-a-kind assemblage and collage art by Gale Rothstein are inspired by a lifetime of collecting antiques and found objects.

Featured Artist Patricia Bingham

Artist Patricia Bingham creates assemblages and mixed media paintings that highlight the magic in the small details around us

Featured Artist Joan Hall

Featured artist Joan Hall creates intriguing and expressive assemblages using found objects arranged in themes.

Featured Artist Kirk Sutherland

Kirk Sutherland creates two and 3D works, surrendering control in an effort to consolidate both intuitive and conscious thought.