Featured Artist Sharon Deveaux

Using various camera parts made of metal and glass, artist Sharon Deveaux creates intriguing jewelry, assemblage art and fun figures.

Featured Artist Katia Bulbenko

Inspired by memories, landscapes and eroded natural objects such as shells and rocks, my pieces are made up of fragments, and I like to think of each completed work as a fragment itself.

Featured Artist Gale Rothstein

Through the creation of assemblage and collage, the parameters of context are wide open; I create fantasy worlds that incorporate references to Dada and Surrealism, historical content, and through juxtaposition of contrasting elements, prompt the viewer the question relationships to scale, location, and relativity.

Featured Artist Patricia Bingham

My eyes are drawn to repeating patterns and colors, and they’re everywhere! If you look closely enough it’s as though the whole world is upholstered in exotic fabric. This is how I’ve arrived at my current abstract pieces.

Featured Artist Joan Hall

As a mime, forming characterizations without the use of words describing who that person is must be conveyed visually. I have found a similar process in this art form by the juxtaposition, placement and choice of various objects in each piece.

Featured Artist Kirk Sutherland

Consciously or otherwise, there is a nondescript tension that reverberates through my work between the constructive lucid realities, and the unpredictable and spontaneous entities as well.