The Power of an Artist Story

by Carolyn Edlund

Pop erotic artist Anita Nevar uses her true story to make a strong connection with her target audience.


Artist Anita Nevar with several of her paintings

The artist Anita Nevar


Australian painter Anita Nevar began her career as a professional artist ten years ago as a result of a personal transformation. Her artwork, in combination with a compelling narrative, resonates intensely with potential collectors. Through sharing her authentic story and the art that reflects it, she’s turned a difficult past into a message of empowerment, inspiration and hope.

We recently spoke about her experience, and the business strategies she is using to bring her story to the world.


triptych painting on sexual obsession by Anita Nevar

“Obsessions” triptych, acrylic on canvas,
180cm x 100cm


AS:  What is the story behind your work, and why is it so relevant to your potential collectors?

AN:  My artwork was initially born out of a very dark place that ended up becoming a beacon of light. Throughout my childhood and into early adult years I lived in an oppressive religious environment. I was cut off from interacting with anyone outside the cult, where self-expression was strictly controlled or forbidden. My creative and sexual desires were stifled. Whenever I was feeling rebellious and brave enough to cross the lines, I was judged and punished. As a result, I hid my true self for a very long time.

Deciding that I didn’t want to hide and suffer anymore, I made my way into an unknown world (one that I had always been told was evil) and started to express the real me.

Creatively, I picked up where I had left off as a child, where I would spend hours obsessing over colourful projects. Sexually, I was now free to express my desires. As a natural progression, I started to do this through my love of art.

In the early days of my art career, painting was my therapy to purge years of pain and repression. As time went on, it became a celebration of individuality. I found a way to empower others to see the beauty in their sexuality and individuality, and to stand tall in their truth.

I have found that my collectors connect with the work for the feeling it gives them. They may not have had the same life experience as me, however they do desire to be able to express their sexuality, love and creativity freely.


painting of two men kissing by Anita Nevar

“The Business Man”
acrylic on canvas,
120cm x 90cm


AS:  What is the message you want to share with the world? How does that impact the way you are positioning your art in the marketplace?

AN:  Everyone deserves the basic human right to be their true selves. I understand how it feels to be afraid, shamed and unable to express myself. I am now on a very passionate mission to not only bring colour to the world, but sexually empower others through artistic expression.

My art is a statement that could appeal to anyone, regardless of sex, gender or sexuality. However, my positioning in the market has naturally flowed to those who are being marginalized and rejected. These are people I have a strong connection with. I’m a huge supporter of LGBTQ communities, having witnessed the injustices of homophobia from my own religious upbringing. I feel that my artwork is popular in this niche as it gives people inspiration and a voice, whilst also making a sexy statement within their space.


Contemporary painting of a sexy woman by artist Anita Nevar

“Meluxine” acrylic on canvas, 120cm x 180cm


AS:  What marketing vehicles are you using to share and amplify your story?

AN:  My story is shared in a number of places. My website covers everything from a full portfolio to a preview of artwork that is coming next. I also have an online store where collectors can purchase artwork and share in the stories behind each piece.

My Facebook and Instagram pages give me the opportunity to present my art and engage with others. I promote signups to my VIP email list where fans can sign up to get the latest news.

I’m extremely excited to announce that I am in the process of writing a book about my personal and creative journey, in the hopes that it will inspire others on their journey too. To complement this, I am filming an independent art documentary. In that documentary, I’ll be interviewing others to open conversations around the topic of sexual repression and empowerment.

Lastly, the team from the Colour In Your Life TV series will also be making a documentary around my arts practice. It will be filmed at The Beat, one of Brisbane’s most iconic gay clubs This venue is the ultimate in acceptance of individuality and the perfect fit for what my art stands for!


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