How One Artist Self-Published a Book

Painter Josh Lance tells the story of traveling the world and creating art through the publication of a book that documents his life and work.

An Artist’s View of the Pandemic and Social Inequity

Artist Robin Holder’s powerful work opens a dialogue about changing perceptions on race and culture, and moving towards a greater humanity.

The Power of an Artist Story

Anita Nevar uses her true story in conjunction with her painting portfolio to make a strong connection with her target audience.

Artists on Climate Change

Each of these artists make bold visual statements about the dangers to our environment, using their own unique voice and creativity to make impact.

A Transformation from Addict to Artist

At 30 years old, having just finished a one year program for drug addiction, Peter Bragino made the decision to turn his life around and fully pursue his childhood dream of building his life as a professional artist.

The Pain and Power of Tough Criticism

Have you ever received criticism that was hard to take, yet has made a major change in the way you approach your studio work?

Creating an Art Business with Limited Energy

There are things I can’t do right now because I don’t have the energy to do them, and it took me a long time to realize that that’s okay.

Telling Your Artist Story

Stop hating conversation and communicate your passion.

Playing Up

For many people who have reached their goals and been blessed with success, gratification comes not through more conquest, but through helping others.

Is Fear Running Your Art Business?

Most every artist deals with some level of fear, manifesting itself in a variety of ways.

Artists at Work: Why Do You Create?

I am inspired when the sun begins to set, and the lighting deepens to a rich, warm glow. Even the most mundane objects become the star of the show.

Artists are the Luckiest People

Why are you as an artist so lucky? Your friends have boring jobs; they think yours is fun. And it is! Plus nine more reasons to celebrate.

Artwork in Progress

Is there anything more wonderful than a work of art? Artsy Shark takes you on a tour of our artist friends creating in their studios and on location.

The Personal Touch

Talking about your artwork in front of others helps expand your comfort zone.