Featured Artist Carole Belliveau

Artist Carole Belliveau presents a collection of luminous figurative paintings in her classic style. See more of her stunning portfolio by visiting her website.


Luminous figurative painting by Carole Belliveau

“Moonlight Visitors” mixed media, 24″ x 36″


Art has been my calling since I was a child. Initially I wanted to be a painter, but I met a doll collector that exposed me to many historical American and European dolls that peeked my interest.


Painting of a woman by Carole Belliveau

“The Beating Heart of a Dove” mixed media, 30″ x 24″


l became a self-taught sculptor and doll artist designing and selling to an international following of doll collectors and toy companies. Creating these dolls to scale encouraged inventiveness and the use of many mediums.


figurative painting of a reclining woman by Carole Belliveau

“The Journey” mixed media, 20″ x 24″


I developed skills in cloth, clay and wax sculpture, dress design, pattern making, shoe and wig making and painting. They were my first mixed media pieces and allowed me to make a good living as an artist for twenty-five years.


painting of a woman on the beach with herons by Carole Belliveau

“The Conversation” mixed media, 24″ x 36″


But my love of painting called to me. I moved to California, entered the Academy of Art University and earned my BFA, determined to become a painter.


figurative painting of a woman in the woods by Carole Belliveau

“Luminous” mixed media, 24″ x 18″


Since 2005, my painting has focused on both people and the landscape. My collection focusing on the figure symbolically expresses the growth and changes inherent in human experience.


painting of a woman with herons on the beach by Carole Belliveau

“The Calming” mixed media, 24″ x 36″


The use of gold and silver leaf in these paintings is a metaphor for light touching and altering our journey in life in a positive way.


Mixed media painting of a woman in white by Carole Belliveau

“Rebirth” mixed media, 24″ x 18″


I am also an avid plein air painter. Getting out of the studio into the environment is a gift to myself, one that I love to share with other artists and nature lovers. There is nothing as restorative after weeks before the easel in studio as fresh air, the colors of the land and the challenge of getting my impressions down in a painting before the light changes!


surreal painting of a reclining woman by Carole Belliveau

“In the Realm of Mystery” mixed media, 24″ x 36″


I recently moved from Northern California to Santa Fe, New Mexico where the land is described as enchanted and the people are devoted to the arts. I look forward to seeing what changes in my art will happen as a result of the influence of this magical place!


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  1. “The Conversation” is moving. The woman seems to be trying to figure out which direction to take. There’s change occurring and she isn’t sure how to handle it. Excellent work!

  2. Thank you for your insightful comment on The Conversation. I chose those particular birds because they look like they are conversing with the woman. I lived close to Monterey Bay for 20 years and spent a lot of time painting en plein air there. The conservation of our oceans is an issue I feel strongly about, and so this painting became a question of what would those that populate our oceans say about how we treat them. It is a question worth asking while set in all that beauty!

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