Featured Artist Suzyn Gunther

Jewelry artist Suzyn Gunther creates stunning wearable art using various metals and stones. Visit her website to see more of her work.


Gem Silica/Chrysocolla pendant with hand forged Argentium silver chain by Suzyn Gunther

Gem Silica/Chrysocolla pendant with hand forged Argentium silver chain, pendant: 1.25”w x 3”l, 16” – 26” chain


I was born in Chicago and have lived in the suburbs for most of my life, except for a one-year detour in the 1970s that took me to Hollywood, California. Missing my family and friends, I quickly moved back home and have lived here ever since.


Argentium and sterling silver link bracelet with labradorite and hessonite garnet by Suzyn Gunther

Argentium and sterling silver link bracelet with Labradorite and Hessonite Garnet, 7”l


I come from a very creative family who were avid art collectors, and grew up surrounded by art. My mom was a sculptor, often carving in stone and working in clay, and my dad was a dentist who dabbled in making jewelry out of dental gold. He was also an avid photographer and sculptor. My sister dabbled in pottery making.


Argentium silver spiral earrings by Suzyn Gunther

Argentium silver spiral earrings, 1”w x 1.5”l


My creative juices started flowing around the age of ten. I spent hours doodling and creating interesting and intricate patterns with pen and paper. Today, they call that Zentangle. I was way ahead of the times.


Sterling silver and Roman glass floral bracelet by Suzyn Gunther

Sterling silver and Roman glass floral bracelet, 7.75”l


When I started making jewelry back in the 1980’s, I was primarily making beaded jewelry. In 2003, I discovered Precious Metal Clay and became fascinated with the medium. The textures I created in the metal are my own hand-drawn designs, making each piece unique.


turquoise and turmaline pendant by Suzyn Gunther

Chrome Dioptase, Turquoise, Tourmaline pendant w/hand-forged chain, Argentium Silver and Keum Boo Gold


In 2019, I began to teach myself traditional metalsmithing skills and incorporated this into my Precious Metal Clay work.


Blue sapphire and sterling silver textured earrings by Suzyn Gunther

Blue sapphire and sterling silver textured earrings, .5”w x 2”l


I consider myself a jewelry artist as opposed to metalsmith or bench jeweler. Most of my work today utilizes traditional metalsmithing techniques and less Precious Metal Clay. My focus remains on form and texture. I use Argentium Silver for the majority of my designs.


Bronze, copper and silver earrings by Suzyn Gunther

Marriage of metals copper, silver and bronze earrings, .5”w x 1.75”l


I recently began to work in mixed metals, utilizing Nu-Gold (bronze) and copper. I love the warmth of the base metals, and also use the Keum-Boo method of adding gold to some of my work.


Priday Plume agate, sapphire and sterling silver necklace by Suzyn Gunther

Priday Plume agate, sapphire and sterling silver necklace, pendant: 1.5”w x 2.25”l, 18” chain


All of my work is created by me in my home studio. Each piece is worked on one at a time from concept through completion. My method of creating is non-traditional. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and scribble it on my iPad so I can remember what I had in mind. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I sit at my bench and figure out my design on the fly. I typically start with stones and wait for a vision to come to me for my next piece. Oftentimes, my vision morphs into something completely different.


Lapis and Argentium silver hoop earrings by Suzyn Gunther

Lapis and Argentium silver hoop earrings, 1.5”l


I’m always trying new techniques and learning new skills. My body of work is very fluid, so I don’t always create a cohesive collection. I challenge myself every day to come up with something unique.



Cherry Creek Jasper, labradorite and carnelien necklace with hand forged Argentium chain by Suzyn Gunther

Cherry Creek Jasper, Labradorite and Carnelian necklace with hand-forged Argentium chain, pendant: 2”w x 3”l, 14” – 19” chain


My work can be purchased through my website. I have been selling my work successfully on line since 2008. I have a wonderful base of customers and avid collectors who have supported my work through the years and have continued to watch me grow as an artist. Many have said, “I can’t wait to see what you do next!”  And I say, “Get your unique on!”


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  1. Sandy Ridle says

    Each piece is truly a piece of art. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful pieces! You’ve sparked a huge inspiration in my current jewelry work in college.

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