Featured Artist Kathy Q. Parks

Artist Kathy Q. Parks presents a collection of whimsical nature-inspired paintings. Enjoy more of her art by visiting her website.


abstract painting of a blue goat by Kathy Q. Parks

“Blu” acrylic, 30” x 30” x 1.5”


I loved to play in mud as a child and nothing has changed much in that regard, other than the mud has been replaced with paint.


abstract painting with birds and flowers by Kathy Q. Parks

“Translucent Jelly Bean Days” acrylic, 48” x 36” x 1.5”


As an artist, I believe that your childhood plays a huge role in how you perceive and interpret the world around you. My childhood was filled with animals, the outdoors and a mother who did not believe in store-bought toys. Imaginative play and creative exploration were always part of my world.


abstract painting of a hummingbird in a garden by Kathy Q. Parks

“The Visitor” acrylic, 24″ x 36″


My current work is colorful, playful and often layered with images within images. Sometimes I paint over parts of another painting—sort of a story within a story.


abstract painting of a desert garden by Kathy Q. Parks

“Desert Reef” acrylic, 30” x 30” x 1.5”


I usually do not start a painting with a specific drawing in mind, but I do start with something I know I want to express or with an idea as simple as colors I want to play with.


abstract painting featuring tumbling rabbist by Kathy Q. Parks

“Cirque de Lapin” acrylic, 36” x 48”


Often though, the direction I wanted to go gets rerouted by the canvas screaming at me, “NO! Do this! Do this!” My inner child has no problem changing direction because no one tells me not to.


abstract painting of a flower arrangement by Kathy Q. Parks

“Make-up Bouquet” acrylic, 18” x 24”


Change in direction is a gamble, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The good thing is you always come out learning something. At times you might also end up with an exceptional piece of art.


abstract painting of 5 bunnies by Kathy Q. Parks

“Tail of 5 Bunnies” acrylic, 60” x 20”


Since I am not a realistic painter, people often ask where I get my ideas from. I think you need to get out of your studio and bring those experiences back with you. Painting from experience puts heart into a painting and it also makes it unique to you.


abstract landscape painting in pinks by Kathy Q. Parks

“Tickled Pink” acrylic, 36” x 48”


As for stimulating my imagination, I hang out with children and watch a lot of Pixar movies along with many other film genres. I like to read and animals of all sorts fill my heart with joy.


abstract painting of a chickadee on a fence by Kathy Q. Parks

“The Chickadee” acrylic, 36” x 24”


The spheres in my work represent nature and the square shapes represent man. The presence of both of these shapes in my paintings express my belief that we are intricately and infinitely connected with one another—sort of that dust to dust concept.


Artist Kathy Q. Parks

Artist Kathy Q. Parks


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would have artwork in so many places (other than in the homes of friends and family.) It is such an honor to have your art placed in someone’s personal space, but the greatest satisfaction is knowing that you have made a connection. I cannot imagine my life without art and its gloriously fun processes.


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  1. I like your whimsical style. I am usually not attracted to abstract styles, but your combination with the animals is interesting.

    • Thank you Ann Marie! I love so many different styles of painting. It is like being a kid in a candy store. so about three years ago, I started experimenting with different combinations and mixtures. It has been fun.
      i.e. abstract/impressionist with a touch of folk art.
      Here’s to the journey! Kathy

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