Featured Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé

Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé presents a collection of figurative stone sculpture inspired by the depth of human emotion. View more of his work by visiting his website.


abstract carved marble head by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“The Witness” marble, 12” x 10” x 9”


Originally from Togo, West Africa, I am a self-taught artist. From the beginning, I was interested in anything creative. Since my childhood, I have experimented with drawing, painting, sculpture—even the performing arts. At first, I worked with sculpture only occasionally. Today it is the center of my creative work.


abstract carved marble head by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“Lethargic” marble, 11” x 10” x 9”


Through my work, I try to express a minimalist aesthetic inspired by the beauty and emotion present in everyday life.


carved marble head of a lady by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“The Lady” marble, 10” x 8” x 7”


There is diffuse beauty in naivete, love, tenderness, hope, desire, courage and so many other feelings. I try to recreate memories of a family scene, the spirit of a passionate couple, a child’s learning, the gesture of a pose, the one-off event.


carved marble bust of an African king by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“The Witness of the Day” marble, 15” x 11” x 10”


The primary purpose of my work is to share the emotion generated by this beauty which is fundamental to happiness, to daily well-being or simply to taste the moment.


abstract carved marble head by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“Hamadryad” marble, 11” x 10” x 9”


I try to keep it simple, keeping only the essential elements of the form, leaving the rest to the imagination.


abstract carved marble head by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“Without Crown” marble, 10” x 7” x 9”


In my work with stone, I’ve learned to allow the material to determine the shape and feel of the finished work to a large extent.


abstract carved marble head of a girl by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“The Girl” marble, 11” x 6” x 7”


The stone has taught me to treat it with respect. I carve with love, patience and good faith for a happy outcome. Procrastination and discouraging talk are strictly prohibited.


abstract carved marble of two faces, back to back by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“Two Faces” marble, 11” x 9” x 7”


There is an old West African idea that has become my credo, “Enrich me with your difference.” This means that whenever you encounter a new situation—whether with another person, place or thing—you put together all the different aspects of the situation—your knowledge, your understanding, your love—to build something good.


abstract carved marble head by Jean-Frederic Batasse

“The True Witness” marble, 15” x 9” x 6”


As I continue with my experimental approach to working with stone, I find the need to stay mentally and emotionally present at all times. Much like prayer or meditation, I can feel the time spent in the studio increasing my self-knowledge and resiliency as well as my carving skills.


Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé at work

Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé at work


So, for now, I try to learn the lessons the stone has to teach me, and look forward to whatever the future holds in store.


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