Featured Artist Debbie Bakker

Artist Debbie Bakker presents a collection of vibrant and joyous watercolor paintings. Enjoy her stunning portfolio, and see more by visiting her website.


still life watercolor of a silver bowl of limes and lemons by Debbie Bakker

“With a Twist” watercolor, 15” x 20”


I am a watercolor artist living in the San Francisco Bay area of California.


still life watercolor of a crystal bowl filled with strawberries by Debbie Bakker

“The Strawberry Gambit” watercolor, 20” x 16”


I’m often referred to as a hyperrealistic painter, but in truth that is secondary to me. My passion in painting is to capture moments of amazing color, detail and pattern. This, for me, evokes feelings of awe and joy in the everyday world around us.


still life watercolor of blueberries laying on a table by Debbie Bakker

“Chasing the Blues” watercolor, 16” x 20”


When we take the time to look at something—to pause and really look at the details—we can access that joy.


watercolor of a peach colored peony by Debbie Bakker

“Peach Peony” watercolor, 22” x 30”


This is true with everything we encounter, whether the center of a peony, the sparkle of sunlight on a cut crystal vase, or the amazing fractal patterns of reflections in a silver bowl. It is a moment when everything else falls to the side, and we can connect to the joy of that tiny moment of seeing.


watercolor of sunflowers and a crystal ball by Debbie Bakker

“Sun and Sunflower” watercolor, 15” x 22”


Georgia O’Keefe once said, “Nobody sees a flower—really—it is so small it takes time—we haven’t time—and to see takes time.” This expresses exactly how I feel!


still life of pears in a silver bowl against a checked tablecloth by Debbie Bakker

“Check Mates” watercolor, 20” x 16”


I paint close-up images. I dwell in that wonderful sensation where my painting reaches out and says, “Do you see this? Really see this? And can you feel the amazing joy of its creation?!” I hope to capture those moments of awe and joy and make them so grand that you cannot help but see it and feel it.


watercolor of a succulent by Debbie Bakker

“Succulent and Summer Rain” watercolor, 15” x 22″


My goal is to inspire others to connect to that same feeling of joy in the everyday moments around them.


watercolor of a strawberry in a crystal bowl by Debbie Bakker

“Saving the Best for Last” watercolor, 16” x 20”


“If we had a keen vision of all that is ordinary in human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow, or the squirrel’s heart beat…” (Mary Ann Evans, author)


watercolor of clementines and blueberries in a crystal bowl by Debbie Bakker

“Clementine’s Appeal” watercolor, 16” x 20″


I focus on close-ups to capture as much pattern and detail as possible. I’m always looking for ways to create color intensity not seen in many other watercolor paintings. Combining materials and techniques allow my paintings to be displayed without glass as often as possible.


Artist Debbie Bakker at work in her studio

Artist Debbie Bakker at work in her studio


I have several collections that focus on different subject matter—florals & succulents, fruit and cut crystal. In every painting I create, I try to capture the close-up patterns and details that evoke this emotional connection to joy.


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  1. I like your peony and succulent flower.Really nice colors and soft image quality.

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