Featured Artist Jim Grossman

Artist Jim Grossman takes you on a breathtaking visual adventure through his stunning landscape photography. View more by visiting his website.


photograph of Antelope Canyon by Jim Grossman

“Antelope Canyon” photography, 24″ x 36″


Starved for travel? Step into my photographs and join me on my visual journeys. Let yourself get swept away by the remarkable world that surrounds us. There’s more than one way to travel. Walk into my photos and you can still experience that sense of freedom and adventure that takes over as we explore a new place together and discover its secrets.


photograph of a Pacific coast sunset by Jim Grossman

“Pacific Sunset” photography, 36″ x 18″


In my images, I take care to closely observe and compose the details within a scene—the contrasts, colors, shapes, textures and light. These are the same elements that interest me when I experiment with abstract painting. The fascination is to see the shared features of both art forms and to let each influence the other.


photograph of Picasso-like stones by Jim Grossman

“Picasso in Stone” photography, 27″ x 36″


I want you to immerse yourself in each image so that your senses will be activated just as mine were the moment I captured it. You may feel the brisk breeze, smell the grasses and the sea air, hear the wind, the birds and the waves.


photograph of a barn in a golden field by Jim Grossman

“Resting in Fields of Gold” photography, 34″ x 20″


I want to express the essence of a place so that you feel alive and find yourself transported. The same way I did when I composed the photograph.


photograph of a road lined with moss covered trees by Jim Grossman

“Avenue of the Giants” photography, 36″ x 25″


I grew up in Minnesota, a place filled with the beauty of lakes, forests, rivers and farmland. The natural bounty of the land inspired me to expand my worldview and develop my interest and experience as a photographer. At first working with film, I spent time in the romance and wonder of the darkroom. I learned the true craft of photography.


photograph of Sedona in snow by Jim Grossman

“Sedona in Snow” photography, 24″ x 15″


Later, I transitioned to digital and had my photos exhibited in galleries, museums and art shows. My photography became a natural extension of my love for travel and exploration.


photograph of a bird and the ocean in the Maldives by Jim Grossman

“Maldives Sentry” photography, 16″ x 24″


Those travels have taken me across the United States and across the world. I have ventured from my home in California, to the islands of the Indian Ocean, the Serengeti plains of East Africa, the Himalayas en route to Mt. Everest, and so many places in between.


photograph of fishing boats in Hoi An by Jim Grossman

“Taking a Break in Hoi An” photograph, 21″ x 24″


My images capture many moments that have left their mark on me. The fresh, silent snowfall that has come to rest on the red rock canyons of Sedona. A vast expanse of undulating sand dunes casting shadows under a crisp blue sky and a quiet fishing boat at rest in a small village in Vietnam.


photograph from a Mt. Everest base camp by Jim Grossman

“Everest Base Camp” photography, 30″ x 18″


As I challenged myself on a trek to Everest Base Camp, I was humbled and moved by the magnificence of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks that surrounded me.


Artist Jim Grossman

Artist Jim Grossman


I am in my deepest, most soulful place when I spend focused time within the stillness and serenity of the natural world. With my images I hope to provide you with the same sensual experience. I hope you’ll find the respite, peace and revitalized spirit that I do. Join me. Step into a new world.


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