Featured Artist Nikki Carr

Enjoy painter Nikki Carr’s impeccable portfolio that celebrates her great love of animals. See more artwork by visiting her website.


oil painting of a galloping horse by Nikki Carr

“Here I Come” oil on canvas, 70cm x 80cm


I am a realist artist, drawn to convey a sense of spirit or emotion in all my subjects. They range from the human form and face to animals, both large and small.


painting of two swans by Nikki Carr

“Love Story” oil on loose canvas, 50cm x 40cm


I have a particular interest in equine and wildlife subjects and enjoy capturing the play of light and shadow or an expression of emotion or movement. I do not paint to make a statement or as a commentary on our world. Rather, I paint to reflect the beauty and wonder that is all around us.


oil and gold leaf painting of a white horse by Nikki Carr

“Golden Girl” oil and 24ct gold leaf on canvas, 90cm x 90cm x 4cm


Originally from New Zealand, I now reside in the United Kingdom. I’ve been fascinated by faces and figures, both human and animal, as far back as I can remember, and relished my art education at school. My artistic journey, however, took a long and winding road. I earned several music degrees and had a rewarding musical career before picking up a paintbrush again. During this time, I continued to develop my awareness of shape, form, light and shadow. When I finally returned to my easel many years later, it felt like coming home.


artist Nikki Carr with her painting "Jasper"

Artist Nikki Carr in her studio at work on her painting, “Jasper”


I am often asked, “Where do you start when you begin a new piece?” and my answer is almost always, “With the eye.” For me, the eye is truly the window to the soul. It is here that I will find the character, emotion and often, the beginnings of a conversation. I will not move on until I have captured everything that I want to say with the eye. This in turn usually informs how I approach the rest of the painting.


oil painting of Tikob, a horse, by Nikki Carr

“Tikob” oil on canvas, 100cm x 80cm


I am also endlessly fascinated by the relationship between the structure—both skeletal and muscular— and the surface of the body. This is particularly evident when I am painting a horse. They are, by nature, a contradiction with sublime beauty and softness on the outside, and a muscular structure capable of enormous power and strength beneath.

Capturing this duality is both a passion and struggle that is likely to last a lifetime!


oil and gold leaf painting of a blue bird by Nikki Carr

“Fit for a King” oil and 24ct gold leaf on panel, 30cm x 30cm


The majority of my work is either in oils or in charcoal. I enjoy the colour and freedom of oils, but also the more restrictive black and white palette when working with charcoal, using only light and tone to express form.


oil and gold leaf painting of a bird in flight by Nikki Carr

“The Prize” oil and gold leaf on panel, 60cm x 60cm


More recently, I have begun to experiment with 24ct gold leaf as a background to some of my oil paintings. I love the interplay between the gold leaf and the paint. I build up the leaf in many layers to create a beautiful swirling texture that reflects light in many directions. Looking at it from various angles gives the viewer a multitude of different effects.


oil painting of a white horse named Jasper by Nikki Carr

“Jasper” oil on wood panel, 90cm x 60cm


As well as taking on commissions, I release several collections throughout the year on my website and exhibit regularly at United Kingdom and International Contemporary art fairs.


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