Featured Artist Susan Patton

Oil painter Susan Patton offers a nostalgic look at life through her warmly inviting, ethereal artwork. Visit her website to see more.


painting of an old tractor in a field by Susan Patton

“Not Forgotten” oil, 30” x 24”


I began working as a professional, full-time artist in 2017, devoting six days a week and most of my waking time to either painting, studying or preparing to teach workshops.


painting of hydrangeas by Susan Patton

“Thinking of You” oil, 10” x 8”


I come from a family with a lineage of artists. My grandfather was an undiscovered artist. My mother, Dot Courson, is currently an award-winning professional artist. I feel extremely grateful for the support and advice she has given as I’ve pursued this career in art.


painting of a little girl by Susan Patton

“Discoveries” oil, 12” x 16”


I enjoy painting people, still life and plein air. I have juried into multiple national and international shows and have won awards for my work.


still life painting of a bowl and acorns by Susan Patton

“Acorn Soup” oil, 14” x 11”


My favorite part of being an artist is teaching oil painting workshops. I love to teach! I worked as a physical therapist for twenty years before transitioning to full time art. As a P.T., I was able to also observe, instruct and encourage people. Now I do the same when I teach art workshops.


painted portrait of Lady Lee by Susan Patton

“Lady Lee” (commissioned portrait) oil, 30” x 40”


Besides teaching oil painting, I am also known for painting people—portraits as well as figurative work. I have closely observed people all of my life. I’m constantly studying how to improve painting them.


still life painting of turnips by Susan Patton

“Arrayed in Beauty” oil, 36” x 12”


I also think a lot about new ways to teach my students in a way that is engaging. My goal in every workshop is for the students to be challenged and strengthened in a specific area that helps them grow.


still life painting of turnips by Susan Patton

“Pretty in Pink” oil, 10” x 8”


I have learned under many artists, such as Roger Dale Brown, John Pototschnik and Dawn Whitelaw, as well as Kim English, Kenn Backhaus and Michael Shane Neal.


painting of family members socializing by Susan Patton

“Reminiscing” oil, 9” x 11”


As a student, I am also greatly inspired by John Singer Sargeant, partly because Neal and Whitelaw studied under Everett Raymond Kinstler, whose teachers included Sargeant. I admire Sargeant’s art, and study his work and technique often.


figurative painting of a woman cooking by Susan Patton

“Still Stirring (At 93)” oil, 11” x 14”


Much of what I enjoy painting is based on memories of growing up around my grandparent’s farm and the nostalgia I feel around my home.


artist Susan Patton en plein air

Artist Susan Patton en plein air


I think the best art is created using intellect along with good technique and skill, but which also leaves a little bit of the soul of the artist in the picture—art that is created like a hymn that sings the melody of the heart.


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  1. These are excellent. My favorite is Pretty in Pink.

  2. Thank you so much, Martha! That painting was done from turnips I gathered from my Uncle’s garden out in front of my home.

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