Featured Artist Hannah Spiegleman

Enjoy this collection of charming and whimsical gouache paintings by artist Hannah Spiegleman, inspired by her love of children’s book illustrations. View more on her website.


painting of a rabbit as a postman by Hannah Spiegleman

“Postman” gouache, 9” x 12”


I was a quiet kid; creating, drawing and books were my main pastimes. I spent my childhood in the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire in England, surrounded by beautiful cobblestone streets, old stone buildings and fields full of sheep. All these things inspired me from a young age.


painting of a rabbit and hedgehog sitting in front of a fireplace by Hannah Spiegleman

“Basil and Mrs. Hedgehog” gouache, 9” x 9”


I was always first drawn to a book by the illustrations, and of course my favorites were the works of Beatrix Potter. One of my earliest art memories consists of me drawing rabbits using her illustrations as a reference.


painting of a rabbit posting a letter by Hannah Spiegleman

“Letters to Santa” gouache, 9” x 12”


I received my BA in fine art from the University of West Florida. I also took lessons for many years from a very gifted painter named Geno Peoples, who taught me more about painting than I could have ever dreamed.


painting of a mouse on a lily pad by Hannah Spiegleman

“Adventure” gouache, 9” x 12”


At that time, my work consisted mainly of quaint, realistic scenes in acrylic on large canvases. One semester, I chose to experiment with watercolors, and a professor mentioned that they had a storybook feel to them.


painting of animals enjoying a carnival by Hannah Spiegleman

“Carnival” gouache, 11” x 18”


That’s when everything flipped.


painting of a wolf holding a lamb by Hannah Spiegleman

“Theo” gouache, 9” x 12”


I had always loved children’s book illustrations, but it never occurred to me that I could do that type of work too. I kept the quaint scenes of the English villages from my childhood, but I swapped out the blokes in flat caps and jackets for whimsical animal characters—still in flat caps and jackets.


painting of two cats in the library reading by Hannah Spiegleman

“Library Cats” gouache, 9” x 12”


Today, I work primarily in gouache. It’s a great midline between acrylic and watercolor, and I love the vibrant colors you can get.


painting of two rabbist camping by Hannah Spiegleman

“Firelight” gouache, 9” x 12”


My favorite things to paint are flowers and animals and yes, rabbits are still my most favorite of them all. I’ve participated in dozens of juried shows, and even won a few awards.


painting of a fox gathering mushrooms by Hannah Spiegleman

“Mushroom Gatherer” gouache, 9″ x 12″


With my art, I hope to make people happy and peaceful and maybe just a bit nostalgic for the books they may have read as children. Not every piece I make is meant to be used in a story, but I still try to tell a story with every picture I paint.


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